Challenge- Week 2.

Hey challengers, It is time to start thinking about next week!  Yes, I know it is only Thursday but tomorrow is Friday which means it is almost the weekend which means it is almost next week…so you need to start PLANNING.

I have heard a lot of good feedback so far and I am so excited that so many of you have actually taken this on!  I want to remind you again, this is YOUR challenge.  So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t follow these recipes exactly or need to tweak some things to work better for you and your schedule.

My role here is to simply provide you with ideas (aka all my favorite food blogs).   You might love some of these ideas and other ones you might hate, that is okay! If I get you to try one new thing, that is a success!


While I will continue to provide new recipes to try, feel free to do repeats on anything you really liked from the previous week.  For example, if you put together a breakfast smoothie recipe you love, stick with it!  I will still give new breakfast options in case you get sick of smoothies or want something different.  But I on the other hand am a creature of habit and tend to repeat many of my favorites quite often.  I have been drinking the same smoothie recipe for almost 4 years now and I still get excited about it, but I am weird 🙂

The point of this challenge is to try out some new food you maybe never thought of and work on building better habits.  I am not a big believer in counting calories or weighing food BUT portion control IS important.  If you take your TIME when eating and eat GOOD clean food, you will be surprised that you do feel full.  Now…there may be times when you are hungry and that is okay. I am not telling you to starve yourself BUT  If you are trying to lose weight, just remember you are trying to shrink your stomach which means you need to shrink your appetite and that takes time, will power, and patience.  So if you feel hungry after a meal, try taking down some water or going for a walk before you decide to dig in for seconds.

It can be hard to kick the “eating whatever you want, whenever you want” habit.  But in the long run..being more CONSCIOUS about what you are putting in your body is going to have many many rewards.  I promise!  Keep pushing yourself one day a time!

 Week Two Meal Ideas

 Grocery list Week 2

Sweet Potato Hash and Eggs

Southwest Meatloaf

Crock pot Turkey Chili


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