Ode to Al

It is a sad week for the Locigno family.  Al Link, who is a very special person to my family passed away on Monday.  He had been battling a series of health issues the last few years, yet he somehow still managed to be his bigger than life, quick witted self.  Not too long ago he suffered from a stroke, so every day from that point on was a fight for him.


Al is technically a cousin to me, but I have always seen him as an uncle or as I sometimes would call him “my other grandpa“.  Him and his Wife Annie have been to every family celebration, holiday, you name it.  Growing up with them around is something I will always appreciate.  Both him and Annie have always been so interested in all my endeavors, school work, jobs, etc.  So much love, so much support.  When I was little they used to bring me Cheescakes and cookies from a bakery nearby their house,  just because.  I blame them for my obsession with sweets 🙂ALLINK

I am so thankful we have Annie and extremely sad to lose such a special person.  Al, I will miss seeing you with cigar in hand up at the Lake,  I will miss listening to you and Papa argue over the silliest things at the Kitchen table but then break out in laughter a minute later, I will miss your sarcasm, I will miss your stories, I will miss your humor and I will miss the best bear hugs ever.

Thank you for your time here, enjoy Heaven 🙂

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