How to set goals and SUCCEED

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University of Scranton research suggests that just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. Thank you University of Scranton for that bit of motivation, I am sure you are also going to tell me my marriage has a 50% chance of ending in divorce too, huh?   There are all kinds of stats out there that tell you horrifying numbers.  There are all kinds of people out there that will tell you it is a waste to make resolutions. You will hear a lot of complaints about all the ‘newbies’ at the gym this time of year (I have a separate post for those haters that I wrote two years ago).  What I am here to tellI you is that all those numbers and that negative energy does not matter.  What matters is how bad you want your goals, resolutions whatever you want to call them, to come true. That is it.

I do not mess around when it comes to setting goals, the art of making yourself a better person and going after the life you want is serious business and takes commitment every single day. My specific goals for 2015 can be found here.  I truly enjoy helping others set goals as well so in light of the new year, I wanted to share with you some of my tools and guidelines I use for myself to make the things I want happen and keep me on track.  There is also a little bonus recipe at the bottom for your enjoyment!

  • Write goals in the present form. Example: “I lost weight this year” instead of “I will lose weight this year” Writing them in this form starts the manifestation process and they are that more likely to happen. First step is BELIEVING you can do this. Even if it means you have to convince yourself. Fake it til you make it (you will make it).
  • Make goals SPECIFIC. Instead of “I lost weight this year” it should be ” I lost 20 pounds this year!”. Making a goal specific makes it easier to achieve…and again manifest (I am big into manifesting as you will learn).
  • Have an ACTION PLAN for each of your goals.  HOW are you going to lose 20 pounds?  ” I have lost 20 pounds by committing to the gym at least 3 days a week”.
  • TELL AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. Why? For accountability of course!  If you tell everyone you know that you are giving up shopping for a year, limiting your sweets, committing to the gym or not drinking anymore…people will notice when you are not holding true to these things. Sometimes this might be embarrassing, sometimes you will wish you didn’t tell anybody so that you could drown your sorrows on your bad day and eat that whole box of girl scout cookies like it was your job.  But it will be harder to do that if people are watching and asking you how things are going.

Anytime I make big goals for myself, I also write them out and I hang them on my mirror in my room. This way I can see them every day, read them, believe them and visualize them happening in my mind. Everything I have put on that mirror has come true.  From job promotions, to savings account goals to getting a Boston qualifying marathon time.

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When we were told several times our dog needed an expensive second surgery after a bad injury he had a month ago, I put a note up on my mirror (and our fridge) that said “Wyatt does not need a second surgery and is all healed up!”  It came true, he didn’t need it. Manifesting is a real thing, friends. And it can be for the simplest things, try it out.  Make your own magic mirror in your house.

Another key to keeping your goals is situational preparation.  Set your self up for success no matter what you run in to. If your goal is to save more money, don’t just make a plan. Make a situational plan.  “If an emergency comes up, instead of using my savings I will go without _____for a month.” If your goal is to eat better, pick one day a week where you plan your meals out and cook for the week to be ready for those busy days when you thought you would have time to cook but did not.  Preparation is KEY.  Because you will run into roadblocks or situations that will make your goals harder to stick to…but don’t use them as an excuses.  Have a back up plan to keep you on track.

I don’t have to know what you are going after this year to tell you that you WILL DO IT.  You will succeed.  Because I believe in you.  You should believe in you. I would love to hear your goals for 2015 in the comments below!

For those of you trying to take better care of yourselves and eat cleaner in 2015.  Below is one of my favorite and easiest winter recipes. One of my many goals for this blog specifically is to share one easy clean eating recipe a week, enjoy!

Salsa Chicken Chili


You will need:

One whole cooked rotisserie chicken

3 cans of your favorite salsa

3/4 cup balsamic vinegar

2 cans red kidney beans

Shred up the rotisserie chicken, take off skin if desired.

Dump chicken and rest of ingredient in crockpot, let it heat up stirring occasionally for about 15-20 min (or just leave on low/warm for a few hours to let the taste really settle in). Sprinkle a teensy bit of cheese and plantain chips on top and boom you are done. Easy peasy right?  You of course can sub out the rotisserie chicken and cook your own chicken breasts and shred, but this is my go to method when I am feeling lazy or short on time, still just as healthy.

Stay blessed in the mess!


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