Do you care what I did this weekend?

Guess WHAT?! Only 4 more days of work until we leave for a much needed vacation! Whooppeee! We have been trying to take a trip every Memorial Day weekend since we get the bonus Monday off.   Also, because Shain travels so much for work we can usually get our flights free with all his points.  Last year we had an awesome trip to Colorado, however he requested that our next trip involve no activity other than sitting on a beach… LAME.  So we booked a trip with some friends to Siesta Key, Florida and despite the fact that there will be no hiking up mountains, I am still excited.   We have both had a pretty stressful couple of months so this will be a great way for us to kick back and just relax with friends.

Picture 057

Friday evening walk by the river

This weekend was busy but good.  Friday night was the Crossfit 1 year Anniversary party, tons of fun.  I even stayed until 11pm…I know I am such a party animal.  Although, as it turns out people that I workout with cannot recognize me without a headband on which is kind of hilarious.  Yes I am capable of not looking like a child sometimes I swear.  I loved that I was finally able to make a social event and get to talk with other people who workout at different times than I do.

Saturday morning, my pup and I rose with the sun to do an 8 miler, this turned into a 6 miler as it was a little too humid for him.  Wyatt usually  helps me push the pace but he was struggling, looks like the poor guy’s  running days are done for the summer until it gets cool again 🙁   I then headed to AU for our first Freshman Orientation of the year! This is one of my favorite events.  I love seeing all these students walk onto campus absolutely terrified and excited all at the same time, such an exhilarating time for them.  I  am always slightly jealous that they are just starting college, I would love to go back to that day.

Picture 056

Do you see why I LOVE the 5am hour?!

After the long day of Orientation, Shain’s mom and I went to go meet with our potential wedding caterer- eek!  Nothing set in stone yet, just had lots of general questions about the different options.  This wedding planning stuff is for the birds, so overwhelming.  It will all work out right?  Then we went to Cobblestone Bistro and had some yummy food and REALLY yummy wine.  Of course because I  had one glass of wine I went home and pretty much passed out before 9pm.  Told you…party animal.

You know what game I am terrible at? The “don’t eat all the trader joe’s dried mangoes pack in one sitting” game.  Awful. I fail every time.  600 calories in 45 seconds, UGH SO GOOD.

Sunday was nothing special, went for another run ( I usually do not run this much but remember the part about me going on vacation in 4 days?), trained some clients, did some cooking, cleaning, etc.  Finished up the day with a graduation party of a close family friend, she is a DOCTOR now no big deal.  I have smart friends.

Picture 058

Annnnnnnnnd Shain comes home from his business trip tonight! I swear he has been on like a 100 this year.  It’s like I am living the single life again, except for the fact that when he is not home I pretty much go to bed at 8pm every night.  Wild.  Thank goodness he will be home for a while now, I don’t have to worry about an axe murderer coming into the house.  No, but seriously this is what I think about when trying to fall asleep by myself.

Happy Monday friends, stay blessed in the mess! 🙂







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