The CROSSFIT OPEN has officially begun!  Many of you are probably like…”um, the WHAT”?  Or maybe some of you are like…”oh dear god shut up about Crossfit already”.  Truth be told, I could blog about Crossfit 7 days a week and never run out of anything to say.  But I would like you  guys to stay my friends, so I won’t.  Your welcome.

The Open is when Crossfit releases 1 workout per week for 5 weeks.  Anybody who wants to register for the Open can do so and they have to perform this workout at a gym that is registered and has certified judges or submit a video of the workout to and then you get to see where you rank in that particular workout with the rest of the world!  How cool is that?  I mean think about it, no other sport are you allowed to “compete” with top athletes around the world and see how you compare.  If you do well enough, you actually have the chance to go to the games.  Now let me be clear, I am NOWHERE near strong enough to be a true competitor and will not be going to the games but I love seeing how I rank and getting that “competition” adrenaline during a workout.  Today’s workout consisted of a lot of Burpees and my most hated lift- the power snatch.  I am terrible at it and have never been able to do more than 55 pounds, but today I was able to do 75lbs 16 times! Wooo!

Picture 015

 First round of snatches at 45#

It so reminds me of being a college athlete again, when I could not sleep the night before games, couldn’t think about anything else and all I wanted was to be able to do my best and push my teammates to do the same.  This is no different.  The best part of competing and being a part of something like this, is seeing others succeed.  I was able to witness my two good pals Andy & Lorraine PR this morning on their power snatch and it was AWESOME!!  I was seriously just beaming with JOY,  excitement and adrenaline watching them push through it.  THAT is what it’s about people.  That is what is behind the saying ”Crossfit is Community’.

I have not felt this excited about something since my senior year of college soccer.   I will never forget my senior night. It was the last time I would ever play on my home field and we were playing North Park whom we were tied in the conference.  Not only was it a big game for me personally, it was a big game for our program as a whole.  I was having a great game, but my coach pulled me out with 20 minutes to spare in the last half.  My family and teammates (bless their hearts) were in an uproar over this.  This was also something that a year previous I would have cried about probably and questioned for days as to what I did wrong to get pulled out.  But you see, my senior year was so different.  I was so comfortable with my “game” by that point and I had also spent a lot of time that year mentoring some younger players who were working their butts off.  So me coming off meant that somebody else was getting their chance.  And it just so happened that a younger teammate who had been struggling that year was getting her chance.  And guess what?  SHE SCORED THE WINNING GOAL.  Amazing.   I was not upset that I didn’t get to play the last 20 minutes on that field that meant so much to me, because I played my heart out for 4 years on that field.  The joy I felt when I saw her score that goal and have all of her hard work payoff, was one of the best moments of my college career.  Naturally I ran out on to the field and I love that it was caught on camera.


THAT is being a part of a team.  It’s not about you, it’s about supporting everyone around you to do their best and building an incredibly strong community.  That is the kind of community that in turn pushes YOU to be YOUR best.  This is why I love Crossfit, it is my chance to re-live those years.  Don’t get me wrong, it feels so amazing to PR or have a great workout but it is 10 times BETTER to watch someone else do it.  This is why I am just so excited for the next few weeks of the Crossfit Open, I cannot wait to cheer my “teammates” on and watch them push boundaries they never thought possible.  LET’S  DO THIS CFO!

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  1. You’re so right, Jill. It’s so cool to make it up Chalk Hill with 4 “gears” left, but to see the joy on the face of one my newbie riders make it up for the first time without stopping … priceless!


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