What do I even believe?

Have you found yourself asking that question a lot these last 12 months? I know I have. I have been confused on what I agree with and disagree with, but God forbid I bring it up with anybody.

I have wanted to ask questions on topics I don’t fully understand, but fearful of the backlash and eye-rolls. I have been appalled watching the confidence of people “going at it” on an issue neither have enough knowledge on. I don’t pretend to know everything, I just simply want to understand. But it doesn’t really feel like anybody actually wants to understand, it just feels like people need an outlet for their anger.

I know this much; how the human mind thinks and feels is not linear or black and white.  It is complex. It is filled with grey area. Yet somehow, we have put each other inside these boxes where the paradox of thought is impossible. And ignoring paradox is ignoring humanity. It leaves no room for conversation and plenty of room for division.

It has been a good practice for me to write out what I believe in my heart, my own truth. Not what my friends believe, not what I see shared online, and not what my family believes. What I believe. Maybe these will change as I evolve, maybe they won’t. It’s hard to say. I encourage you to do the same, you might be surprised.

You might find that your beliefs don’t align with nasty social media memes or shaming. They might not align with a specific political party or religion. And if they don’t, I think that means you are thinking for yourself.

What I believe…

I believe in BOTH faith and science  I also believe that the way you steward science is just as important as the science itself.

I believe COVID19 is real and dangerous, but I also believe it has been politicized and manipulated.

I believe wearing a mask is such a small small inconvenience I can take on to protect the vulnerable, and I gladly do it.

I believe in accountability, but I also believe in grace and forgiveness.

I believe the way we treat our LGBTQ friends MATTERS

I believe immigration policy is important, but I also believe there is no such thing as “illegal” human beings. And I certainly don’t believe in any kind of policy that treats anybody as such.

I believe that Black lives matter.

I believe police officers deserve safety & respect, I also believe police brutality is entirely unacceptable and horrific.

I believe that no matter what religion you call yourself or what doctrine you follow, how you speak and treat others is the utmost way to show God’s love and prove your faith. 

I believe in progressive Christianity, because the Jesus I know was anything but conservative.

I believe in life, but I also believe in women’s rights. 

I believe in the right to own a gun, but I also believe in common sense gun laws.

And I believe that the strongest armor against division, is conversation.

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