Confessions of a Crossfitter

NEWSFLASH: I love Crossfit.  A LOT.  I have been consistently going 3-5 days a week for three years.  I still get jitters the night before a workout when it is finally posted. I still am challenged and never bored. I have become stronger and I have become a better runner.  And I finally see the definition in my own arms and abs that I have coveted in other women all these years.

5-6am is one of the best parts of my day, I don’t have to worry about stress, drama or the weight of the world, just the weight of the barbell.  It’s not the easiest to workout so early, but it energizes me for tackling life the rest of the day.  Something about being up before the rest of the world just already makes me feel ahead of the game. It also helps that the community I spend those mornings with are a group of really fun people.


I could probably write several posts a week about the things I learn in that gym.  I could write about the days that make me feel on top of the world.  The days that humble me (there’s many of those). The days I leave feeling frustrated. But I hesitate often to do so, as there tends to be a bad association with us Crossftters.  Assumptions that it is all we want to talk about, that we think our workout is better than yours, that anybody who doesn’t do CF is just plain dumb or that we all like to make snatch jokes.  I actually hate when I am lumped into those categories. Do I want to boast a little when I hit a huge milestone? Sure.  I think people love to talk about CF so much because it is so empowering, BUT it is not above any other workout. Whatever YOU do to make YOU happy, I support.  Whatever gets YOU out of bed and moving towards your goals is awesome. Doesn’t matter if it’s yoga, running, walking or Zumba, power to you. Crossfit works for me. It gets me excited to be up in the 4am hour and helps me be my best.

I am putting more time into lifting this year than I ever have, because I needed a break from running and long distance races.  But I will admit, CF is not my everything. I don’t keep up with who the top athletes in the sport are. I don’t need all the latest and greatest apparel.  I don’t obsess over the results of my workout in comparison to others.  Truth is, when my workout is done at 6am, it is done. I don’t often think too much more about it.  On to the challenges that the rest of the day holds. Real life challenges.  If I can conquer that workout or put that weight over my head, I can deal better with that hard situation at work, that self-doubt or have confidence to take that leap of faith towards a big goal.  I hope that whatever your workout of choice is, it has the same effect for you…Crossfit or not.

Stay blessed in the mess 🙂

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