Put it out there.

What kind of life do you create for yourself?  What kind of things do you “put out in the world”.  What you put out…comes right back.


Yet, we so often get caught putting words and thoughts out there that we do not in fact want.  I cannot tell you how many times I hear things like this:

“What if I never find somebody?”

“What if I don’t reach my goal?”

“I can’t lose the weight, it’s too hard.”

“I will never look good in jeans like that.”

“There is no hope.”

“I won’t be able to finish this workout.”

“I will never make enough money to stay ahead.”

There is one thing all of these statements have in common.  They are a bunch of hooey. If you find yourself saying things like this you need to:

1. Get a new attitude and start believing in yourself

2. Stop looking to other people to give you compliments or encourage you.  It may work at first, but you will exhaust people. You need to lift YOURSELF up.  If you don’t believe in you, nobody else will.

3. Fake it til you make it.  Put what you want out there.  Tell yourself you are strong.  Tell yourself you are capable and WORTHY. Tell yourself you can DO IT.  Tell yourself you are enough.   

2013 Cont. 203

If you get into the habit of saying these things, eventually you will think them and eventually you will believe them.  And all will fall into place.

Every single milestone I have had in my life started as a lofty dream or wish on paper, that is it.  I can give you example upon example of things I have “put out in the universe” and have appeared on my doorstep.  There is no logical sense behind many of these things, they just happened.  The things that didn’t workout  during the time I wanted or in the way I wanted…ended up showing up later and even better than I could have imagined.  Put it out there.  Stop the doubt.  Stop the negative self talk and fishing for encouragement from others.  All you need is YOU.

If you don’t design your life, somebody else will design it for you.

Stay blessed in the mess 🙂





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