Nothing “new”.

As some of you are aware, one of my goals for this year was to buy “nothing new”…specifically no new clothes.  In 2012 I had a goal of no clothes shopping, AT ALL.  And I held to it, it was one of the best things I ever did.  But this year I am tweaking it a bit.  I am only allowed to shop at thrift stores/donation stores/re-sale shops.  Why did I decide on this challenge?  Because I am getting married in less than 5 months (insert panic attack here)  which means we are in crazy money saving mode right now.  Every single penny has to be put away.

2013 Cont. 202

Sounds like an expensive brand? 5 bucks, boom.

But not only do I need to be saving money for all these up coming costs, with special events like a bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner etc….it is a perfect “excuse” to buy something new.   It’s my BRIDAL shower, I HAVE to buy a new dress!?  It’s my last night out as a single girl, I NEED to buy the right shoes!?  Right?? WRONG.  I need nothing.  I have plenty of outfits and I could seriously wear something different every single day this year and still have un-worn clothes.  It is a problem.

2013 Cont. 201apparently Target dumps their clearance items at Goodwill, which is great for me because these shorts were $1.49 each.  Come on SUMMER!

Even after a year of not shopping and continuously purging my closets, I still have too much.   This is mainly because I wear the same favorites over and over again.  Am I too old for ripped up jeans? I hope not.  Anyway,  by not allowing myself to buy anything “new” I am saving myself from the money trap of buying 5 different outfits to wear to my rehearsal dinner or shower or bachelorette party…because I can’t decide what to pick.  Being a girl is so stupid.

2013 Cont. 200work flats: $3 each

 Last year I became inspired to start hitting up thrift stores, Goodwill, Platos Closets etc. and have been finding so many treasures! So why can’t I do that for a whole year? If I REALLY feel that I “need” something new, I can aid in the re-using of resources instead of buying more overpriced crap.  Everybody wins!  I have yet to buy anything this year (have not had the urge yet) but all the pictures here are from things I purchased in November/December… and the crazy thing?  Everything except for the leopard Sperry boat shoes (below) had original tags on them, so I really do get the thrill of something new without suffering from the price.  Awesome sauce.


Stay blessed in the mess! 🙂

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