Perks of wedding planning…

Brace yourselves, I am about to say some positive things about wedding planning.  GASP!  Don’t worry, I still consider myself a grump about it, but the only way I have gotten through all of this is due to the amazing support from family and friends.

First and foremost, as I have previously mentioned there are many many people that we are not able to invite that I am broken-hearted over.  Those of you who have done this before know how it goes, you can’t just invite person A….you have to invite the 5 people that go a long with them and it adds up very very quick.  This particular circumstance has been especially hard on my mom, who always envisioned this wedding to include every family friend and every extended family member.  But due to cost and space, we had to keep it small (small for an Italian wedding anyway).   BUT,  those particular people have been so incredibly understanding and supportive, which just makes my heart melt.  I know there will still be some that are upset, but the majority of people are giving us a high five for sticking to our budget and that is so appreciated.  I have been  honestly worried that some family, friends and co-workers would dis-own me after this was all said and done.  I am a person who needs/likes harmony among everybody I love, so this has been tough.  The support we are receiving has been simply awesome.

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Speaking of budgets, you want to know the secret of not spending a fortune on your wedding?  Enroll the help of your talented friends and family!  You will be SO surprised with how much they are willing to step in and help you with what they are good at.  Our invites were gifted to us by an incredibly talented former client and friend of ours, cake and cupcakes are being done by a friend and long time neighbor, our photographer is a current student of mine who is trying to build her portfolio, DJ is a friend of ours, most of our decorations have been donated by amazing co-workers and family, ceremony music is being done by a friend….I mean seriously the list could go on and ON with how blessed we have been with people just wanting to help.  If not for all of that, we would have thrown in the towel a long time ago and just gone to the courthouse and celebrated with a nice steak dinner (that actually stills sounds like a better idea, but I digress).


Another perk of wedding planning is the pre-counseling we have been doing with my long time family pastor.  It has turned into something that we both really look forward to and have already gotten so much from.  Shain and I have been through our fair share of ups and downs in our 9 years together, but we are not naive enough to think there will not be tougher times ahead.  So to be able to talk through with somebody how we would handle certain situations, how we fight etc. has been really insightful.  Bring it ON marriage, we are going to OWN YOU.


72 DAYS until honeymoon…I mean…WEDDING! Stay blessed in the mess 😉

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