Better than last time.

Happy Monday!!

Question: Have any of you ever felt like there was an alien baby gnawing away at your insides to try and get out?  I bet you didn’t expect that one huh.

Okay, but seriously.  The Paleo Challenge officially ended this past Friday, YAY!  I managed to get through with only cheating twice in 30 days on a couple pieces of sushi and then another time my coffee creamer ran out so I used a little bit of milk.  Not bad right?  I am hoping to give you final results, pictures etc. sometime this week when they give them to us.   But back to my alien baby, let’s name him Charlie.  You see, this happens to me from time to time when I am super strict with my eating for a while and then I perhaps get naughty and have some sour patch kids or a Mcflurry.  That is when Charlie decides to come out and play and it is the WORST PAIN EVER.   I was SO excited to have some Greek yogurt today before my morning workout, I had missed it SO much.  It is like my favorite thing to eat ever.  No big deal right? WRONG.  Not having dairy for 30 days apparently makes your body think it is kryptonite.  I immediately felt stabbing pains in my stomach (Charlie) that made me want to crawl in a hole and cry.  Needless to say, my workouts totally blew today and I am pretty sure my times were no better than they were 30 days ago.  FAIL.  I have been barely able to stomach anything else all day long. Does this mean me and Greek yogurt are broken up forever?  I sure hope not. I don’t think I could go on.

Picture 022

Devil Yogurt

Anyways, this weekend was pretty uneventful, class, homework, work, the usual.  Shain and I squeezed a date night in to celebrate his Birthday, aka we went out for an early dinner came home by 9pm to go to sleep.  I know, we are SO fun.  I did have my first 5k of the season on Sunday though! Wooo!  No PR for me this time, but I was the second overall girl so I will hang my hat on that and pretend I am cool.  I will get you next time mister 5k, perhaps when it is not snowing and below freezing out.  Yup, that was me making an excuse.  In all seriousness, I love races so bad.  You all know this about me already.  The running community is something fabulous I tell you, all supportive, encouraging and downright fun.  Oh and we love to eat.  Duh, that’s why we run.

Shain always gives me crap for not being “competitive” enough when I run.  For example, if he were at the race this Sunday and saw how I was 15 seconds behind the first girl he would have been MAD.  Probably would have lectured me the whole way home about how “I could have beat her”.  It is pretty funny actually.  He used to give me huge pep talks in college before all my games too, can’t blame the guy for wanting me to do well  right?  But I am not out there to “beat people”.  I am out there to beat myself and to be better than last time.  That is what makes me happy, knowing that I am improving, that I am being the best I can be.  Not comparing myself to others, that’s no fun and will get you nowhere.  Especially when others have really long legs and take 2 steps to my 5 steps, just not fair.


Don’t get me wrong, I love to be competitive and use other people to push me (Lorraine, cough, Lorraine).  But that is not the same as comparing yourself.  If I worried about how much better everybody else was, I would fail to see my own personal gains and how far I have come.  Whether it is running, cross-fitting, etc. I try to always stick with people that I know are a little better than I am.  I don’t get mad when I can’t keep up (sometimes), I just keep striving.

Oh and one last thing, HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY SHAIN!!  🙂



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