Me and Society are in a fight right now.  Actually, we are in an on going fight, all of the time.  You see, we do not really see eye to eye on anything.  On right vs. wrong….on what is healthy and what is not… on what real success means…on what real happiness means.   Really on anything.


Society says you should spend your life’s savings (or heck put it on a credit card!) on this thing called a wedding and invite everybody you know even if you have not talked to them in years… because that is what everybody does!  What is a marriage if it doesn’t start out in debt? This is AMERICA! The land of irresponsible spending!

Society says you should spend endless hours at a job you hate… buy things you don’t need…to impress people you don’t even like.

Society says you should be skinny to be beautiful but then if you are too skinny people will say “eww too skinny go eat something” but then came “strong is the new skinny” and now people say things like “eww she is too masculine”.   Society says you are never good enough.

Society says that happiness is posting on social media constantly about everything you are doing, all the friends you have, all the wonderful places you visit, your poop of the day, heck just your thoughts and opinions on every issue known to man etc… but not actually living in the moment of your experiences.

I say society can suck it.


When I marry the man I love, it will be special.   I don’t need the perfect dress, the perfect hair, the perfect place etc for it to be special.

I am all about putting in the hours to get the job done,  even if that means being here on the weekends or working 12 hour days. I will do it without batting an eye but what I won’t do is keep that schedule 365 days a year.  I am lucky that my job is seasonal, so there are certain times of year where there is just more to do and not enough hours in the day but in the summer and winter, I can work my 40 hours and be okay to enjoy the finer things in life.   I love my job and I will do anything for my students but living a balanced life is a non-negotiable.  If not working consistent 70 hour weeks and not making 6 figures  means I am not successful, well then I don’t want to be.

In terms of my own body image, I have heard it all.  I’m too skinny, I’m curvy, I have too much muscle for a girl, I don’t have enough….the list goes on and on.  Guess what?  I am healthy.  I am strong.  I feel good in my clothes (most of the time, I AM human after all) and I do not need any kind of medication other than a healthy diet.  So whether you think I am too skinny, too masculine, not strong enough, simply does not matter.

Stop checking social media every 5 minutes.  Stop comparing your lives to others.  YOU have a good life.  And just because you don’t post about it on facebook every 5 minutes and check-in to every place you visit and tag all your friends….does not mean it is not real.

Society can suck it.  Rant over.




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