There have been SO many people that have told me that they are also doing a “no shopping” 2013 challenge for themselves, AWESOME!  Now, I know that this is not because of me, but I am going to pretend it is because it makes me feel good, k? Thanks, you are too kind.  I am telling you, this is a resolution that will teach you so much about yourself.  It was one of the best things I ever did.  We are two months into the new year and even though I have full shopping power now and my resolution is over,  I had the hardest time even buying myself some new underwear this weekend, do I REALLY need these?  Too much info? My bad.  Let me tell you some of the revelations I had  while upholding this resolution last year.

  • Sometimes I would shop because I was bored or trying to avoid tasks I did not want to do.
  • Sometimes I would shop as a way of coping with something, instead of actually dealing with it.
  • When I did not shop, I spent more time reading, writing, walking the dog, things that are good for my SOUL.
  • I had a savings plan and actually KEPT TO IT for once in my life.  And guess what?  When I had to randomly put big bucks into my truck, I actually HAD it in my savings.
  • I spent less time obsessing over my appearance and being shallow.  People do not notice your clothes as much as you think.
  • I need to invest in quality clothes instead of buying crap, because once I started wearing things more than 2 times in a month they fell apart.

Also, I work REALLY hard for my money, so do I really want to continuously blow it on something material like clothes?  Don’t get me wrong, clothes are important.  I am a believer in dressing the part and being put together, but there is a fine line.  I will start investing in quality items here and there but I will not buy every new pair of Nike’s that comes out or add $20 to my bill every time I go to target for ONE thing (Target is evil).  We complain and complain that we have no money for this and no money for that, probably because that $8 top you pick up and those $18 shoes that you think are a steal oh and that little gadget that your sister would love but you forget to actually give it to her…all add up to A LOT OF MONEY over time.


I have a serious obsession with athletic shoes


We all have enough.  More than we need.  Instead of going out and spending money on useless things, put it towards something awesome.  Like a much needed vacation, to a friends charity, or heck just SAVE IT to be financially stable. Weird concept right?

To all you challengers out there, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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