Paleo Challenge

Hello Friends!  Hope your hump day is going well, mine technically could be better… but I am alive and well so let’s run with that!

So, my Crossfit Gym is currently doing their second Paleo Challenge and I decided to hop on the bandwagon for this one.  The first time around I was pretty much eating ‘Paleo’ with the exception of Greek yogurt every day and a few carbs before my long training runs.  The challenge was the same month as my marathon last year, so I was also afraid of tweaking anything too much since I was feeling really good at that point.


So fast forward to now, I have no excuse.  Let me first say something  important, I am VERY much AGAINST diets in general.    I have never put myself on a diet, I just eat healthy and clean, workout like a banshee and have an occasional overdose in chocolate or candy.  However, since I have a history of low iron levels, putting more meat into my diet as the Paleo lifestyle requires, I know will only help me.  But I am also super curious to see how my workouts, runs and body composition is affected after 30 days of strict Paleo.  We did a benchmark workout this weekend that we will do again at the end of the 30 days and then of course we got our measurements, weight and pictures taken.  If I am able to get a copy of them, I will definitely share pictures post challenge.  Not that I am super excited to show the world myself in shorts and sports bra biggest loser style, but I think it will be cool to show the results (fingers crossed that I have some good ones).  COME ON SIX PACK!  Also, I promise if I do someday  get a six pack, (even though I will be really excited) I will not take a picture of myself in the bathroom and post it.  Sorry, but that is just weird.


See? Just weird (sorry random girl off the internet, you look great).

I should also mention, I am a person of extremes.  If it is just any other day and you put a bag of sour patch kids in front of me, I will own them.  However, if I am putting myself on a challenge or I have a big race coming up and need to be extra clean, I am hardcore and prettty impossible to break. My friends love to test me on this.   I just wish I could be like that all year long, stupid holiday season treats.  Oh and did I tell you that the winner of this challenge gets CASH MONEY?!  So there is another motivator right there!

In a nutshell, the ‘Paleo Lifestyle‘ is also known as the Caveman diet.  So anything that you would not be able to “hunt and gather”, you cannot eat.  No dairy, no bread, etc.  It consists of meat, fruits and veggies.  I think the hardest part for most people is the carbs, I am lucky that I have somewhat of a gluten intolerance,  so this portion was not really an issue for me.  But MAN do I love me some yogurt and fatty coffee creamer!  So that has been a struggle to try and change, but I have been working on it for a few months in hopes that by the time the next challenge came, I would be good to go.  However, just as I anticipated the hardest part of this challenge so far is my snacking.  I am limiting myself to one snack in between breakfast and lunch and one snack in between lunch and dinner.  Sounds normal right?  Well I am a snacking machine.  Even though I snack on healthy things, I snack way too much.

So wish me luck! I am sure I will be posting something about how I am going through processed sugar withdrawals, but other than that I am excited to see what this challenge brings!


Christmas Abbott=my inspiration

Hard work.


So I am not sure why but I totally did not anticipate grad school being this tough.  It is whooping my butt.  I’ve always enjoyed school and learning, I am a nerd like that.  BUT, I did not expect how overwhelming it was going to be.  A little over a year ago I decided that I needed to stop dragging my feet and enroll in the MBA program here at AU, since it is free to me as an employee.  Duh, right?  Well, I got about 3 courses in and there was a new program established that I switched over to because it is WAYYY more up my alley.  The official name of the Program is Master of Leadership for Service.  It is a program based on the idea of Servant Leadership, so less of a business focus and more of a serving others focus.  I absolutely LOVE this program,  we have entire classes on concepts such as  self-awareness, stewardship, being a good listener, presence etc.


I am almost a year in and I have had so many “aha” moments and lessons that I can use right away in my life, not to mention I am learning a lot about myself and things I need to work on.  The only downside is that this is a weekend only program.  Which means all my classes are held every other Friday night and EVERY Saturday throughout the semesters.   So what do you get when you add that to two jobs?   You guessed it, no life.   When I am spent on Sunday night and the last thing I want to do is work on a 10 page paper or read a case study,  I make excuses in my head of why I should maybe “postpone” the program when I am “not so busy”.   And I say this even though I enjoy the program, but giving up the little precious time you have to yourself, even if it is to work towards something that is important to you, is still hard.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and press on.  Life is always going to be busy.  If you do not find the time NOW to start reaching for your dreams, they will get harder and harder to achieve.  Not impossible of course, but harder.


There are a lot of social gatherings I have to miss with friends, simply because  Saturday night is the only time I have to work on my paper, do laundry, cook for the week, clean, write workout plans, spend time with Shain etc.   Sometimes, I am a total flake and will  bail on plans at the last minute, 99% of the time this is because I am just simply exhausted.  I need to work on that.  My mental health is important to me, but I also need to respect other people’s plans. Luckily, I have the BEST friends and family and they understand.  The people that don’t understand, get phased out pretty quick.


We often have to make a lot of sacrifices to reach a goal but THAT is exactly why it feels so good in the end.  If it was easy, everybody would do it.  If it was no skin off our back, we wouldn’t appreciate it as much.  Hard work feels GOOD.

Do you have something you have been itching to try, a goal you have had on your mind for a while now?  What is stopping you?  Fear of failure?  Time? In both of my professions I hear a lot of this ‘I don’t have time”.  Whenever somebody says that this is what I actually hear-“It’s not a priority”.  You will make time for the things that are important to you.  If you don’t,  they are not that important.  Period.   So stop wasting time on Facebook, watching mindless TV or sitting on your couch and go work towards something that MATTERS.  Start chipping away at your dreams.  One year from now, you will wish you had started today.

Stay blessed in the mess 🙂

Compassion for others.

I consider myself to be an extremely empathetic and compassionate person.  These two characteristics may be considered a good thing, but they have gotten me into trouble quite often as well.  It is pretty easy for me to get emotionally attached and get my heart strings pulled on.  In fact, this is one of the main reasons I have to take a reading hiatus after an intense book, or why I refuse to watch movies that have some kind of tragic event going on (just ask my former roommate, she tricked me into this many times).  I will NOT watch My Sister’s Keeper, Shell.  YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!   Reason being is I have a VERY hard time separating myself from the characters I read about or watch, even if they are not real.   I have no idea why this is, but I have been this way since I was a kid.  Lion King left me constantly having nightmares about losing members of my family and I pretty much cry through every book I read, even if it is not supposed to be sad.  Fact- I cannot stand this about myself.  Sometimes I want somebody to slap me and tell me to pull it together and stop being a sissy.

blog12So, when I made the choice to visit Indonesia 2 years ago on a Habitat trip and witness in person the kind of things that go on in a third world country… IT. ROCKED. MY. WORLD.  My heart almost could not handle it but my faith held me together.  When I came back from that trip, I felt so disconnected, so alone.  My friends and family were so wonderful about listening to me, but I can tell when eyes glazed over pretty quick.  I couldn’t blame them either, there was no way in words to describe what I saw, how I felt, what my experience was really like.  For months afterwards,  I was seriously depressed.  I would cry over the silliest things.  I would feel so guilty when I was taking a hot shower or looking at a fridge full of food.  I did not know how to shake it.  I so badly wanted to just go back, but I knew I couldn’t.


One of the worst parts about coming back was that I struggled with having empathy for others, something that as I stated previously,  usually comes very easy to me.  But listening to people talk about their problems or complain about silly things that make their life “so hard” after spending time with families and children that had nothing, was very difficult.

What made me think of this is during my class this past weekend, we talked about the idea that “One person’s worst moment, is THEIR worst moment”.   Meaning, if the worst moment in your life, is the time that you lost your shoe- but another person’s worst moment is that they were diagnosed with cancer- each of those people deserves the same amount of empathy. That is obviously an extreme example and don’t get me wrong, I still have little tolerance for people who constantly complain about trivial things.  But the point is, nobody’s life experience is the same, but EVERYBODY goes through tough times.  Just because your tough time is “worse” than somebody else’s, does not mean they don’t deserve to be listened to. We should not compare to each other, we should listen to each other.  By sharing our experiences  with one another, we can better our perspectives on our own lives.

Have you ever come across a person who is a “one-upper”?  So not only do they constantly tell you how much better they are than you (without saying it outright of course), but when you just want to vent about your bad day, they say something like “You thought YOUR day was bad, mine was way worse because of XYZ..”.  I CANNOT stand when people do that.  But when I came back from this trip, I found myself going to that place in my head very often.  “You think you had a bad day, you should know what goes on there…”.  That is NOT okay.   If I come back from a trip like that and I am so consumed with my experience that I cannot relate to others, that is a problem.  My family’s problems are important.  My friends problems are important.  Trivial or not, everyone deserves to have somebody to listen to them and if I lose sight of that, I lose the ability to make a difference where I am RIGHT NOW.


If I could go on a million mission trips a year, I would.  But I can’t, so I have to make a difference in the world I am living in right here, right now.  I need to be a better friend, better girlfriend, better daughter, better sister, better admission counselor, better trainer, etc.  If I do some intense volunteer work every once in a while but I am not LIVING my life the way God wants me to everyday in my regular life, I am not serving my purpose. Plain and simple.



Stay blessed in the mess 🙂

Happy Place.


You know what is SO fun?  Proctoring an ACT on a Saturday.  I am kidding, not fun at all. But at least I am not one of the poor kids taking that dreaded test.  I still have nightmares about going nowhere in life as a result of my ACT score, standardized tests can really mess with you like that.  Good thing,  is it forced me to sit here and finish my multiple papers due this week AND have time for a blog post.  Lucky you!


I woke up super early this morning and took a drive to my favorite running trail, Waterfall Glen.  This is the trail I ran on all through high school and I love it.  A few miles in and you are completely submerged into forest.  You don’t get that much in Illinois, so its worth the drive there.  The last couple years I have done most of my runs with other people, which is awesome.  But, there is something to be said about hitting the pavement by yourself and just letting your mind settle into that runner’s high.  It’s better than therapy.  I have solved some of my most complicated life issues while out on a solo run.  How often is it that you can just breathe in the fresh air, steady your mind and  “be”?  I have also had solo runs where my to do list starts overwhelming the crap out of me to the point that it causes me to hyperventilate, but that is neither here nor there.

When I am around nature, this feeling of peace and serenity magnifies.  Which is why I love the Waterfall Glen Trail.  Ever since I can remember I just loved being outside, around trees, animals, lakes etc. Growing up I went to all kinds of camps, bible camps, horseback riding camps, you name it.  I loved just be surrounded by nature, meeting new friends, doing team building activities- that was and still is my BLISS.  I swear if I could make a good living off being a year round camp counselor, I would.  My Aunt would also take me on camping trips all over the country with her friends, these trips are some of my fondest memories.  We hiked mountains, went white water rafting and made our own campfires.  During these experiences I felt so fulfilled, so free.  My happy place is nature.

mt shasta

Mt. Shasta Trip with my Aunt, 6th grade

Do you have a place you can think of that you are your happiest?  When you are there, you just simply feel at peace and you feel like your full self?  Maybe its on a bicycle, home with your kids, on a beach…doesn’t matter what or where it is, that is your happy place. We need to spend more of our time in our happy places, find a way to make that happen. Don’t wait for retirement, don’t wait for vacation, make it so that you are able to frequently visit this place of yours.  In this fast pace and hectic life, even when you cannot physically be there, try to go to that place in your mind and bring yourself back to center. This is the place you will become more connected spiritually, the place where you can finally settle your heart and your mind.  Where you can be YOU.  What are you waiting for?


Stay blessed in the mess 🙂

Racing Season!

Oh boy ladies, have you been into the stores lately?  Bathing suits are officially out.  If that is not motivation to stop eating cookies and get your fanny to the gym, I don’t know what is.  Thank GOD for lent, no sweets for me.   I mean seriously, what girl loves trying on swim suits?  If you do, please raise your hand… so I can smack you. Only  because I am jealous.  Swim suits are the bane of my existence.

Dear Victoria Secret,

Please make a swim suit that covers my entire bum.



P.S.  Oh and do you mind turning down the fluorescent lighting in the fitting room while you are at it?  You are not helping your sales, trust me.

Picture 007

Don’t get me wrong, no self hate here.  I am a healthy girl who is good with her body.  But I am also human.  Good news is, it is almost RACING SEASON!!  The time of year when I spend ridiculous amounts of money on 5ks, half marathons, marathons, triathlons you name it and I am all over it.  It makes me SO HAPPY.  You see, when you are a washed up ex-college athlete, these are the kinds of things to look forward to.  I love the friendly competition, the camaraderie  and the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a race,  no matter if its 3.1 miles or 70.3 miles.  Oh and then going out for breakfast afterwards, duh.  This is my bliss.

Picture 045

Races I am signed up for thus far:

  • Nashville Country Music 13.1 on  – Girls trip! WOO!
  • Great Western 13.1
  • Chicago 13.1 June
  • Chicago 13.1 September
  • Fox Valley 20 Miler September
  • Chicago Marathon October- ticket to Boston fingers Crossed!

There will of course be some 5ks and 10ks thrown in there but I still have not decided if I am going to do a Triathlon this year. I have a lot of fun doing them, but I struggle with fitting in the multiple daily workouts with two jobs and grad school.  We shall see.

Keep yourself accountable and sign up for something, it is the best way to force yourself to get out there and RUN.  You will be so glad you did.  What are you signing up for??  Comment below!




I have a confession.  I hate carrots.  They are so boring, especially if they are not covered in ranch or anything that makes them 100% less healthy.  However, if you were to ask my co-workers they would tell you I love carrots because I am constantly eating them.  All day LONG. I go through about a bag a day, sometimes more.  It is because I am a notorious nosher.  If I am sitting at my desk, I need to be constantly munching.  So I keep carrots at my desk at all times,  they get the job done.  Now, in a perfect world where you can eat whatever you want and not be 400 pounds- my day time snack of choice would be anything chocolate covered.

Picture 043

When asking one of my clients this week how her healthy eating was going she replied, “Terrible, it’s not hard to lose weight, it is hard to make good choices.”  She hit the nail right on the head.  There is no miracle drug, no magic pill.  Eating well and exercising IS the pill.  Making the right choices IS the pill.  Personally, I really enjoy cooking and eating healthy because it makes me feel good and I believe in taking care of myself.  But that does not mean I don’t know how to splurge.  In fact, I would choose to live off of Portillos chocolate cake and pizza  if it did not turn me into Jabba the Hutt.  You should google images of Jabba the Hutt by the way, made me laugh out loud.


Being healthy, fit and looking how you want to look, is also not this amazing puzzle piece you one day find and are like “OMG! It’s so easy! I finally figured it out!”  No, no.  It is a CONSTANT choice.  A choice to take the stairs.  A choice to get up early and run even when you are dying to sleep in.  A choice to go workout after work when really all you want is a beer.  A choice to snack on carrots instead of Sour Patch Kids.  It is not easy.  But it is SO worth that feeling of putting on a pair of your jeans and NOT having to drop it like it’s hot …JUST to get them past your hips (Men, if only you knew how awful jeans could be).  It is SO worth looking in the mirror and genuinely being pleased.  It is worth the energy levels that sky rocket and make you feel like you can conquer the world because your body is full of good nutrients.

Did you make bad choices today?  It’s okay, we all do.  As long as the majority of your choices are good ones, you are well on your way 🙂




What do you want to be when you grow up?

Usually, I get really annoyed when people think I am much younger than I am.  I know, I know-I will appreciate this later in life.  But when I walk into an R-rated movie theater at 26 years old and I have to prove to the ticket guy that I am indeed well over 18 or when I am meeting with a prospective family at work and they ask me “so, what is your major?”- I get a little peeved.  But it’s cool because the one thing I love about looking younger is that for some reason it allows the students I work with to be able to relate to me and trust me.


jill freshman

I REALLY wanted to be blonde when I was 13 (Also I should point out, I could still get into the “under 10 years old discount” at Old Country Buffet at this point).

When meeting with students whether at their high school or in my office,  my goal is always to make them as comfortable as possible.  To let them know I am here to listen and answer questions, NOT to try and hard-sell them on AU.  Funny thing is that in most of my appointments, we spend 10% talking about AU and the other 90%  we talk about:

  • How excited they are for college.
  • How nervous they are for college.
  • How they want to be a forensic scientist “like that show on TV” but then maybe also an accountant…or maybe a teacher?
  • How their boyfriend is their soul mate.
  • How their girlfriend is driving them nuts.
  • How school is stressing them out.
  • How they are afraid to disappoint their parents.
  • How they can’t wait to get away from their parents.

The list goes on and on.  One time in an appointment I literally spent 45 minutes listening to a girl tell me about how upset she was that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. Oy vey.  Ironically, this “sales tactic” has proven to work well for me.  I love my job, because honestly my heart really bleeds for these kids.   At the end of the day they just want somebody who will listen to them.  They want somebody to acknowledge their feelings and not just write them off because they are teenager.  They want somebody who isn’t going to pressure them. They want to fit in.  I know all of this for a fact because this is exactly how I felt at that age.  Totally and utterly lost.

jill junior

Junior year, the year of puberty.  UGH

Do you remember how awful the ages of 13-18 were? This was about the time I was hitting puberty and could not have been more uncomfortable with this new body that showed up overnight.  I struggled with how to deal with my emotions and felt incredibly alone.  I thought getting braces was the equivalent to the world ending.  To top it all off,  everybody and their mother was asking me what I wanted to do with my life and I could not have been more clueless…BECAUSE I WAS 17 YEARS OLD.

How many times did you change your answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up”?  For a while I wanted to be an author because I loved to read and write, then I wanted to be a Paleontologist only because it made me sound smart, then I wanted to be a veterinarian since I loved animals.  By the time I got to college, I picked the major Exercise Science because at that point I was really into being healthy and working out.  Fast forward almost 10 years later and I am a College Admission Counselor, personal trainer on the side and lover of life.  Not too shabby.

I know many people who are well over 17 and still are not entirely sure what they want to do with their life, that’s okay.  Our interests, dreams, goals are constantly changing.  Just because you majored in something in college, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to run with it.  Just because you are in a job now that you loved at one point doesn’t mean you can’t completely change career paths into something you love more.  The point I drive home with every single one of my students is this:  It’s okay if you are not sure what you want out of life right now but whenever you reach a fork in the road, just follow your heart, follow your gut, follow what feels right.  It might not make sense at the time and you might be scared, but press on.  It will all come together in the end.AUPIC


Client spotlight

I have the freaking best clients ever.  No seriously, they are the bomb.  I have seen so many results in all of them within the last year alone. They work incredibly hard.  They inspire ME.  So I thought I would take a minute to give a select few some fame.

     The Mirandas


Oh boy.  These ladies are a spanking good time….oooh that sounds bad.  You know what I mean.   A typical training session involves Kristi yelling at me about how she hates whatever exercise I am making her do, Kathy asking if we HAVE to do a third set and me close to peeing my pants in laughter at the faces they make while doing jump squats.  My abs hurt from laughing so hard almost every time.   No but seriously, I love these two women.  They truly are hard workers and all around just good people.  I kind of want to be adopted into their family, is that weird?  You are right, it is.  Sometimes our sessions can turn into therapy where we are all venting about life (all while getting a good workout in, of course).  Oh and I should also mention that they were the reason I got into Crossfit, since Joe Miranda is one of the owners.  I pretty much wish the Miranda family in general would never leave me, my happiness levels would decrease SIGNIFICANTLY.  No pressure, guys.



Man oh MAN where do I begin with this girl.  Not only is she an extremely successful entrepreneur, author, wife and mother but she is also a two time cancer survivor.  She is only 29, people.  Whenever I leave a training session with Jacquie, I literally feel like I can conquer the world.  She just has that kind of energy that is contagious.  I always joke with her that SHE is supposed to be the one motivated after a training session. I had the privilege of taking her on as a client last year and then helping her run her first ever 5k this past July.  No big deal, she has run 10 5ks since then.  ROCK-STAR.  I am also super excited because she is our key note speaker for the IACAC conference this spring!  YEAH!

 Jeri & Ben

Picture 038

I guess you could say I “inherited” Jeri as a client and MAN did I hit the jackpot.  Jeri is every trainer’s dream client.  She works her BUTT off and takes every workout seriously.  To say she has come a long way is an understatement.  She is so incredibly strong so I can torture her in so many different ways.  It’s like Christmas morning, muahahahaha.  I also had the privilege of helping her run her first 5k this summer!  I know what you are thinking,  do I turn all my clients into runners?  Well, maybe. Anyway, she just recently starting bringing her son Ben to our Sunday workouts and it is awesome.  Ben is a powerhouse.  Watch out 8th grade girls, this boy does not mess around. These two mean business.  It also warms my heart to know what a great example she is by bringing her family a long on the journey to be healthy and fit.  THAT is what it’s about.

These are just a few that I knew would not get mad at me for bragging about them to the world.  I have so many others that I work with and they are all nothing short of awesome.  To my clients old and new (you know who you are) you guys are all certifiably amazing and I am so lucky to have been able to work with you.  Thanks for always coming back for more torture and making my “part-time” gig so much fun 😉



Just say NO.



No, not to drugs.  Well, you should say no to drugs but that’s not what this post is about.  Everywhere I look, I see busy people.  People with full plates of work, family, relationships, multiple jobs, etc.  Whether it is taking your kids to 18 different activities through out the day or saying yes to every task or project that your boss asks of you at work, life gets crazy.  My question is Why?  Why must we always say yes?  Why do we have to fill every second of every day with SOMETHING?  Doesn’t it seem like that is the norm now?  Do you ever feel like you are literally running from one thing to the next and before you know it 10pm rolls around and you are wondering where your day went?  Sometimes I even end my day realizing I have two different shoes on, talk about really not being “present”.

Picture 037

This weekend we had a fun Superbowl WOD at CFO and it was an extremely rare occasion where after the workout I actually did not have to rush off to go SOMEWHERE.  I had nowhere to be. My cooking, cleaning and laundry could wait.  So I was able to sit around afterwards and enjoy a few beers with people that I genuinely love to be around and just BE.  These are the moments that life is about, when I am simply just enjoying life and people.  Not running around like a mad woman.

Sometimes I literally feel like I have no time to breathe.  So as you can see, I am guilty of saying YES way too much.  I have always had a very hard time with this.  It used to be that this was my coping mechanism to not deal with my real emotions, maybe it still is.  But I care about my role as an admission counselor SO much, so I put in extra time because I want to make sure I do a good job.  I care about my job as a personal trainer SO much,  I want my clients to see results, to be able to get workouts in around THEIR busy schedule.  I have the opportunity to get a masters degree for free while I am at AU, so why would I not take advantage of that?  I have a huge family with lots of birthdays, graduations, etc going on all the time.  I have an amazing group of friends that are always doing something fun on the weekends. There are so many amazing things to be a part of but I constantly have to remind my self that for my own sanity, I do not have to say yes to everything.

Picture 036

Do you ever have those moments when you actually allow yourself to decompress and allow your brain to stop for a quick minute, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere BAM all these emotions and thoughts catch up to you?  It can be pretty overwhelming right?  As a society, I think we need more lazy Sundays.  We need more alone time.  We need more “front porch sittin”.   Because I will tell you this, those moments when you can fully appreciate your life and your surroundings or maybe even come up with brilliant ideas,  are not going to happen when you are running yourself into a frenzy.  Those moments happen when you are still.  Maybe having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table or taking the dog for a walk.  Any kind of moment where you can just BE and clear your mind and let your thoughts wander.  Not on Facebook, not watching TV, not on your phone,  just a date with your bad self.

So the challenge I constantly face is to incorporate more of this into my day, just say NO.  Sure, it makes me seem so amazing that I can manage a million different responsibilities, but is it really that amazing?  Maybe to everybody on the outside it is, but inside I am screaming for more down time.  I don’t have to say yes to every outing, activity etc. and its okay if my only excuse is “I need alone time”.  The people that truly care, will understand 🙂

Happy Monday!

Must Be Nice.


Can’t say I didn’t warn you.  Want to know what grinds my gears?  The saying, “must be nice”.  Want to know why?  Because people VERY often say it to me in the following context:

  • “Must be nice to have such an easy life”
  • “Must be nice to be so skinny”
  • “Must be nice to have a good job”
  • “Must be nice to be so happy”

Sigh.  I wish I could tell you my life has been nothing but butterflies and rainbows.  I wish I could tell you that I have never struggled with my own body image or weight.  I wish I could tell you I have never in my life been depressed.  I wish I could tell you I have the perfect relationship.  But if I did, I would be lying.  It is so easy to look at others and assume what their life is like or has been like.  I have been down many dark holes  in my short time on this earth,  that at the time I did not think light was ever going to be possible again. Just because someone appears put together on the outside, does not mean they are not falling apart on the inside.  I realized something a long time ago, I have control of my attitude, my happiness and my overall quality of life.


My life is good because I make it good.  I choose happiness, I choose health and I choose to always have a positive outlook.  To always search for the blessings in the messMy life is this way because I manifest it to be so.  Even on my worst days, I know I have ultimate control on how I react to every situation.

In regard to my health and my body: I work my A$% off to stay in shape.  I work very hard to put only healthy things into my body.  I am not perfect and I am very hard on myself.  Anyone that has seen me eat numerous brownies in one sitting knows that.  But I work really hard.  These things do not come easy to me, so please do not assume I am a superhuman.  I am just like you.  I have my own struggles and you very well may never know what those are or what they have been, you don’t have to know.  I just ask one thing of you, don’t assume others have easier than you.  Stop looking outward and look inward. Take ownership of your own life, nobody else can change it for you.  Only you have that power.

Stay BLESSED in the mess 🙂