Arrreee youuuu reaaddddddddyyy??!  Okay sorry, been watching too many Chicago Bulls games lately.   So this is a post where I impress you with my amazing ability to come up with healthy recipes every week all on my own, because I am just so awesome like that.  Just kidding, I actually suck at coming up with my own recipes and following recipes for that matter.  You know those box cake recipes where all you have to add are eggs, oil and water?  One time in college, I somehow managed to mix up the oil and water measurements and low and behold my cake did not turn out so hot.  Yeah, I am that bad.  So when Shain and I first moved in together, I really wanted to become a better cook (go ahead feminists, shake your head at me I don’t care).   MAN, talk about trial and error.  I am still surprised he is with me after some of the horrid recipes I made him try.

So anyway, it took me quite some time to learn how to actually follow a recipe and maybe even deviate (gasp) from it a little without messing the whole thing up.  I am no expert, but I have gotten A LOT better.  So that being said, I come up with ZERO recipes on my own. zip.  Unless you count Greek yogurt with strawberries and granola a recipe, because I have eaten that everyday since I was 14.  Pretty sure that does not count as a recipe, though.

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Since starting Crossfit I have experimented with a lot of Paleo recipes and become obsessed with the blog PaleOMG.  She has such awesome recipes and her blog is a riot to read.  I am not a 100% Paleo purist, but since adding more meat into my diet my energy levels have literally sky rocketed and I feel so much better in my workouts.  So I have stuck with it. This week I made:

  • Paleo Quiche
  • Taco Salad (Ground Turkey, black beans, mushrooms, green chiles- throw it together with some spinach)
  • Cuban Chile:  Tomato Soup, Cuban style black beans & an array of veggies

Some of my go to recipes:


I also get many recipes from Clean Eating Magazine, highly recommend subscribing to them.  They have a lot of good tips on things that are in season, how to get your family to eat clean,  what foods to avoid etc.

Because my weekdays are absolute insanity,  I do all my cooking on either Saturday or Sunday each week.  Then I break everything into serving size Tupperware and BAM I am good to go, no excuses.

To see a typical day of what I eat pre-workout, post-workout, snacks etc.  Check out my “Food” tab.  Happy Monday! 🙂




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