Holiday re-cap.

Man oh MAN.  Don’t go calling me a scrooge or anything, but I am thankful the holiday craziness is slowing down. Not to mention, I kind of maybe went a little crazy over Christmas with sweets.  I was holding on SO strong and I was so proud of myself, up until 12/23 I had maybe a total of 4 treats all month. Go me.   But then we went to my Grandma’s house down south (one of my most favorite places in the world) and it began to go downhill.  Freshly baked cookies and stockings full of candy….uh oh.  That sent me into a sugar frenzy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  How can I turn down sour patch kids, homemade fudge and Christmas cookies??  Over the course of 3 days I put on 7lbs. SEVEN POUNDS!!  You think I am joking.   I gain weight very easily, which is why I always need to  be careful.  But I am on my last day of a 4 day smoothie cleanse and I am almost back to normal.  phew.  I will be avoiding jeans for a while.  Jeans are the worst.


Anywho, aside from not being so successful to “avoid sugar” this holiday season I had a wonderful Christmas.  As I mentioned, I kicked it off by going down south to see my Grandma on my step-dads side with my immediate family.  It is bittersweet going there since my Grandpa Howard passed away, but his spirit was definitely present in the beautiful chirping of the birds through the woods.  I love being in the woods, and I have so many wonderful memories of hiking and exploring in those woods with him.  I feel like a kid again in that place.  I get to spend hours stuck in a book, being silly with my brothers, long walks, or just sitting around the kitchen table talking.  I love it.


Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were kind of a whirlwind, a million different places to go.  While I am sad that it was the last Christmas I will wake up with my brothers I am also excited for the future Christmas that I can spend more time with Shain. For the first time ever, Shain has had off this whole week off so we have been pretty much spending every waking moment together which has been so awesome.  Okay so maaaaaybe we are getting on each other’s nerves just a tad.  Still awesome though 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your Holiday time as much as I am.  The days in between Christmas and New Years are actually my favorite…why?  Because it is time to start looking ahead and start some GOAL SETTING!  I have big plans for 2014 (in addition to getting married of course) and I am excited to share those with you as well as help you get geared up for your best year yet.  Stay tuned!

Stay blessed in the mess!

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