How are your goals?

How is your journey to healthy eating coming along? How are those goals of yours?  Don’t be embarrassed if you have fallen off the wagon a couple times already…anything worth going for is hard. Often times we beat ourselves up a little too much instead of just getting back in the groove again. Its all part of the process. Don’t let another year go by wishing you would have stuck with your goals.  KEEP AFTER IT.

I for one have had a little bit too much fun with food this winter and I am ready to take it to the next level again and lean out a little more.  So starting in March, I will be doing my own tweaked version of the Whole30 challenge. No dairy, No added sugar & limited carbs.

I cannot divulge much as of right now, but the next 3 months are going to be a little crazy. Some big changes on the horizon and lots to balance.  BUT I am still taking my resolution to slow down very seriously, I promise.  Still going strong on my daily devotionals, still carving out weekend morning time for myself, I’m reading more, spending more time at home etc. So the challenge will be to keep doing all those things in the next coming months.  Keep me accountable okay?

I don’t have a recipe today, been a little bit of a crazy weekend; but I want to share with you one of my favorite websites below.  I subscribe to this magazine and I love their website.  Always giving great tools and ideas for keeping a clean eating lifestyle, enjoy!



A Different Perspective on “Hate” and “Bullying”

Taylor Swift was on to something with that song of hers… “Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake, shake it off.”  In other words, don’t let the negative energy of others bring you down and keep doing your thing!


BUT there is another side to this “haters” thing that intrigues me and is often not talked about.  I feel we make others out to be these haters so easily.  You don’t like my outfit? Stop being a hater. You don’t like my lifestyle? Stop being a hater.  But are they really HATING?  Or have we just become WEAK?  Hate and bullying is a very real thing, but I fear we have turned every single disagreement, interpersonal conflict and unlike mind into an act of bullying and hate.  And I am sorry, but that does a disservice to people who have been real victims of those two things.  It does not compare.

Maybe you had somebody confront you recently and tell you something that hurt your feelings.  Maybe they told you that they didn’t appreciate the way you were acting or treating them and you didn’t agree.  Maybe it was somebody at work who told you they didn’t like your idea….do you turn these categories into hating/bullying?  Or do you open an adult conversation with that person and talk about it?  Since when has giving honest feedback and sharing feelings and thoughts that don’t align with others become inappropriate?  This is not hate.  This is not bullying.  This is adulthood.  And  yes, it can be really really hard sometimes. Who actually likes hearing negative things about themselves? NOBODY! But it is part of life and it is part of growth and working with others.


Did you know it is now harder to fire people in the work place than it has ever been before? Why?  Because companies can no longer fire somebody for simply being a poor employee or being difficult to work with, it is too tricky.  Somehow a person will find a way to sue and tell the world how poorly THEY were treated and what a terrible place to work it was. Naturally, you will never hear that they didn’t show up for appointments or came in late all the time. They might even pull out a sickness or disability they had and call it discrimination.  WHAT? Makes absolutely ZERO sense to me.  And I have seen it happen in front of my eyes over and over and over again.

I have also noticed a trend in some of the circles I surround myself with that the people who often talk about being hated ON the most…are the biggest haters themselves.  Others that appear positive and encouraging on social media platforms, but then when in person have nothing positive to say about anybody. These people often make me sad and are not people I choose to become close to; because lord knows what they say about  an acquaintance like me if they are  bashing their own best friends. Some of the friends I cherish the most are ones that disagree with me and challenge me on a daily basis (cough, Mama J).  Sometimes we talk through it and still don’t agree and that’s cool.  I love them more for it. Because we can be real with each other.


Writing this prompted me to of course look inward at myself. I keep a blog called “Blessed in the Mess”.  The purpose of this blog in my mind is to encourage others, share some of my stories, struggles and insights. I never want you to think I am perfect.  I never want you to think that I am not a constant work in progress. Because man am I ever, I have enough baggage to fill a whole plane.  Some days I wake up IN my crabby pants and don’t even want to put my happy pants on. Can I be negative?  Absolutely.  We are ALL guilty of this.  Because we are human.  But I just ask that you to really think about the next time you consider someone a hater or a bully. Are they really?  Or are they telling you something that maybe you need to hear?  Hearing things we don’t agree with or negative feedback is really hard, our first instinct is to throw our guard up and bash that person.   I promise you, I struggle with it too.  I welcome feedback on how I can improve as a wife, friend, manager, coworker etc. and stay strong when I am listening to the sometimes hard words about myself…but I often will go home and beat myself up for weeks.  But I need that, we all need that.  Because guess what?  NONE of us are perfect; but we can certainly use these moments to be the best we can be and GROW.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Agree? Disagree?  Would love to hear.

Stay blessed in the mess 🙂

3 Ingredient Paleo Pancakes

When beginning a clean eating journey, the downside is that you have to give up some of your most favorite foods right? WRONG!  I love anything and everything breakfast food.  Pancakes have always been a favorite of mine, especially when they are loaded with chocolate chips and whip cream.  Sadly, I have not had pancakes in a really long time because I have not found a healthy recipe I like which that satisfies that craving. UNTIL a friend of mine introduced me to these.  Blueberry-Banana-Egg pancakes.  Yes, that is all that is in them.  No flour, no sugar. And they are YUMMY!

Sometimes it is just about being creative with ingredients.  Don’t reach for that processed quick mix box that offers no nutritional value for you- experiment with real and good food. There is a substitute out there that will help you feel like you are cheating…but not.  Which is awesome 🙂  Enjoy!


Recipe for 3-6 pancakes (depending on how big you make them):

Mash together 3 bananas (the older the banana the better)

Mix in three eggs with your banana mixture

Put some oil on your pan and heat up for a minute or two. Pour mixture on- whatever size you prefer

When you see it start to bubble, go ahead and flip.  Throw a few blueberries on top.

Flip a couple times until pancake is golden brown

Repeat until the mixture is gone

Drizzle some honey or agave nectar on your pancakes and eat up 🙂

Stay blessed in the mess!

Who is your authentic self?

One of the daily devotionals that I have been reading talks about finding your authentic self.  It’s been said that your most authentic self is who you were around age ten. When you knew what you liked, you wore what you wanted (even though it didn’t match) and you pursued hobbies that you enjoyed no matter how weird they were.  Best part about that age- you didn’t care what anybody else thought.

photo 4

After age ten is about when we start conforming. We start to hear negative thoughts and actually listen to them. We start comparing ourselves to others and thinking maybe our authentic self isn’t good enough, we should be more like them. Slowly but surely we become farther and farther away from who we are at our core. We pick interests and majors we don’t actually care about, we put that writing/drawing/singing hobby we love aside because we cannot be successful doing that; we are not good enough. We might surround ourselves with people who don’t truly know us. Then finally, we land in a job that doesn’t even come close to making us feel passionate. And then all of a sudden… we are unhappy and cannot figure out why.  We feel restless and anxious.

It is 100% because we are not doing the things we love. Because somewhere along the way somebody made us feel that it is silly to love to draw.  It is silly to want to build things. You cannot make a living as a writer. You are not a good enough singer. You can’t be a teacher, they don’t make much. We have all heard those words, words that made a decision for us to choose a different path than the one we are currently on which was perfectly fine in the first place, even if it didn’t make sense. Chances are those words were spoken to us by somebody who didn’t follow their dreams and passions either.

Who were YOU when you were ten years old? When I was ten, I loved wearing ripped up oversized jeans/shirts and a baseball hat.  My mom had to put up a pretty good fight to get me into anything else. To this day, wearing ripped up jeans and a baseball hat is something that literally makes me feel beautiful, I cannot explain it.

photo 3

When I was ten, I loved exploring new places and being in nature. In fact, I actually wore hiking boots almost all of the time because it made me feel like an explorer. I loved writing in my journal and reading, I would even submit short stories that I wrote to different young author contests.  I even won a couple of awards!  What? Why did I stop doing that? I also loved to make new friends and make other people smile. Those were very simple things that made me happy. They are all things that years later I am slowly working my way back to. Each day I become closer to this path, I become happier and more in tune with the world and myself.

photo 1-3

Go back to when you were ten, what did you like doing? What kind of things did you wear? What did you spend your free time doing? This week, pick up something at the store that your ten year old self would love, get back to that hobby that you used to enjoy so much. Re-connect with that beautiful authentic YOU that has been hiding all these years.

Homemade Plantain Chips

Does anybody else love being snowed in as much as I do? A good excuse to dive into a book, organizing the house, watch a movie AND play in the kitchen! When else do you have a whole day to do all of these things?  Savor it!

Speaking of playing in the kitchen, here is another favorite recipe of mine.  Homemade plantain chips.  Do you have a weakness for salty things like potato chips?  This is a great healthy alternative and all you need are some bananas (or plantains which are basically the same thing), olive oil and salt.  If you don’t feel like making them, march yourself over to Trader Joe’s and buy a few bags!  Warning, they are addicting…especially when you dip them in hummus or TJ’s cilantro yogurt dip. YUM.

Here is the recipe, enjoy!



Plantain Chips

Slice up 4-6 bananas/plantains- the thinner the better

Put all slices in a big bowl/container (one you can put a lid on preferably) and drizzle 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil-shake up container so olive oil gets on all of them.

Sprinkle salt a few times and shake again

Spread out on large baking pan- avoid any layers.  Use two pans if necessary

Cook at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes, depending on how crispy you want them