LESS than 8 weeks to go!

Is this real life? Less than 8 weeks to go until we have a real live human? I have not written in a while because well…things have been crazy.  Yes, I know insert your surprised face here. Jill? Busy? Shocker of the century.  Between the usual craziness of the fall season in admission, finishing up our house projects and then the other to do list of things to get ready for this baby specifically, every minute of every weeknight and weekend has been accounted for. Except for Friday nights when Shain and I are dead to the world and fall asleep on the couch by 9pm.  We laugh when people say things like “Oh just wait, your social life will go downhill when you have a kid.”  Social life…riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Wyatt preggo

Anyways, here is a little pregnancy update for you.  Honest to goodness I have been SO blessed.  SO BLESSED.  Those of you who have read my previous blogs know, the first trimester was really hard for me.  I did not get sick or anything like that, but I was really depressed, anxious, emotionally unstable and of course exhausted.  I was truly worried it was going to be a long road for me, but thankfully around week 18 that all dried up.  Weeks 19-21 were a little tough physically because when I started to pop, I felt a lot of cramping pain and pressure which made it difficult to workout/run.  However, once I got past 22 weeks that also went away which was GREAT!

Now I am at 32 weeks, trucking along and feeling good. I don’t have a lot of aches or pains, some here and there that freak me out a little at times but for the most part I am still pretty comfortable.  I have been consistent with working out 5-6 days a week mixing in running, crossfit, yoga, spin etc.  My pace is of course that of a turtle and my strength is steadily decreasing, but that is cool! I just feel so thankful I am still able to get up and get moving.  I am really hoping it will help with my delivery and recovery.


SHAIN even ran a 5k WITH me this past weekend! Can you believe that? Anybody that knows my husband knows he is not a runner.  He is an active guy, former football player, dedicated lifter but hates all things cardio. HATES.  He was even smiling at the end! I also happen to think it is a bit unfair that he could do a 5k with zero training and not have to walk any of it.  But I digress.

Shain 5k

I will admit that I always thought the hardest part of being pregnant would be the physical aspects.  Gaining weight, feeling uncomfortable etc. which surprisingly has not been that bad.  Different yes, but not bad. I am blessed with a positive body image, so the fact that I am growing by the day is of course weird and hard to get used to but honest to goodness it does not bother me too much.  Sometimes it throws me off when I catch my self in the mirror…WHOA!  Or when I see a picture like the one above somebody took of me running…WOOF.  For the record, I still love this picture.  My husband is running with me, it makes my heart happy.

All in all, I am not indulging in junk food everyday and I am staying active.  So I feel good about the growth that is happening as it is all part of this beautifully bizarre process.

Aside from becoming more difficult to sleep through the night, the part that has been the hardest of this pregnancy is the worry. The “is she okay in there?” thought that comes into my head every 5 minutes.  I pray every night that I can safely carry this baby into the world and that I am not doing anything to harm her.  It is extremely difficult sharing a body with a little being who you already worry and care so much about.  You have to think about every thing you do in a different way and THAT has been the hardest, mentally exhausting actually.  Do I follow all the crazy pregnancy rules? No, because I really do think some of them are flat out crazy.  But I still worry…A LOT.  And from what I understand, that worry won’t stop once she is a real little human in this world, it will get worse! Yikes.

So here is to hoping these next 8 weeks continue to be smooth sailing. Stay blessed in the mess 🙂




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