I feel like it was about this time last year when I was not a good blogger because work was crazy, school was crazy and I was on the  planning committee for our big annual conference in May.  All of that is pretty much the same right now, except  substitute the conference for a wedding.  Kind of similar right? Both have an insane amount of details that a non-detail oriented girl like me have to figure out, which equals stress.

Additionally, this past Fall I took on a new leadership role in my office which was super exciting.  I will be honest and tell you that I really thought not much would change.   I would still be able to work with my students, continue on with my current  responsibilities and perhaps just have more say on some important decisions that I was not involved in before.


I am still very thankful for this change, but it has no doubt been much more of a challenge than I ever expected.  My promotion came during a tough year where numbers and morale have been down.  So now I have additional responsibilities (not to mention a million more meetings) pulling me in different directions,  the pressure of making sure I hit my goals,  and am constantly in the middle of my director and my staff during some rocky interpersonal issues.  I have never been more thankful of the graduate program I am currently in, it has given me so many tools and perspectives on how to deal with many issues I have encountered and I am sure WILL encounter.

I often feel that most of my day is simply trying to mediate conflict between staff members.  When so and so misses an appointment, I have to address it.  When so and so makes a mistake, I have to address it.  You get the point.  I do wish many of these simple issues were addressed directly, rather than having me be the middle man.  But at the same time I get it, I am the “Assistant Director” so it is part of my job to communicate to my staff.  But it also means I end up feeling like a bad guy quite often which makes it tough to maintain peer relationships with my colleagues.


Time has also become more difficult to balance.  I am thankful I cut back on personal training clients when I did, because leaving work at work and not having to come in on weekends very often,  is just not my reality anymore.  But that is okay.  I love my job, I love what I do and this is a good challenge.  This is a tough but good learning experience.

Leadership is a funny thing.   It seems like such a desirable place to be, but it is not as glamorous as everyone thinks.  There are so many tough situations involved and there are times when you have to challenge people against their will.  Sometimes you have to suck it up and be okay with the fact that other people will be saying negative things about you.   It is not easy.  You don’t WANT to upset people, you don’t WANT to make people angry or unhappy…you are just trying to do your job.  Often times others do not realize what goes on behind closed doors or why certain decisions are made in the first place, but you still have to respect how those decisions affect them.  I know I was naive to many of these things when I first started out.


At the end of the day, we just have to do our best.  We are all here for the same purpose…students.  We have to make the best decisions for the common good but also never forget that every decision (no matter how small)  has some kind of consequence on everybody, and to acknowledge that.  SAPPY ALERT:  It is times like these I am also so thankful for Shain.  When I go home and vent about my frustrations he listens… but he  never lets me just stay there in that negative state (which sometimes drives me nuts).  He challenges me to think differently, to try a variety of approaches and he motivates me to press on and keep the faith.  For that I am blessed in this big ole mess 😉



Life has a really good way of showing you serious perspective.  I am going on my 6th year working at AU and this has been the most challenging year to date.   I suppose it was overdue?  Lots of big goals, lots of personality struggles and lots of work that cannot even come close to being done in 40 hours a week.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing support system outside of work and a faith that keeps me on the right path when I want to stray so badly.

I mention perspective because earlier last week one of my very closest and dearest friend’s Dad suddenly passed.  The moment I received that awful call, my recent “struggles” became so irrelevant.  It is a heartbreaking loss for this family and it only reminds me yet again, what life is really all about. Our daily life is of course important.  Our work we put so much passion and effort into is of course important.  But our loved ones take the cake, our relationships are what keep us strong and what we truly live for.   We must never forget this.


I know it may seem like we never have time for anything, but there will always be work to do.  There will always be dirt to clean, emails to check, appointments to make and people to call back.  But those you love most may not always be around.  Live your life in such a way that you can work hard but still be able to enjoy the people that matter most.

Please keep the Daly family in your thoughts and prayers…stay blessed in the mess 🙂


We all have been the victim of something in our lives.  Whether it be of a bad family situation, bad breakup, health issues, negative work environment.  Woe is me, we say.  I have it so rough, we say.  We might even be guilty of exaggerating our circumstance a little bit to get more emotions and sympathy out of people.  It is human nature.  BUT it is also a good way to drive people away from you… and not to mention drive away your own personal happiness and success.

Often times when you hear people tell a story such as “my work environment is terrible” OR “that relationship was awful, he/she did this and that”…there is always more to the story.  Not saying people are not at fault sometimes, but we are ALL at fault for something.  Nobody is perfect and every side has a story.


This has been a struggle for me lately, my stress levels at work are at an all time high and I have been struggling to stay positive.  I will be the first to admit, I need to vent about things every once in a while.   But I also know constantly venting about others will NOT change any situation.  I have to take control.   I have more power than I think to change any given situation.


We are selfish.  We always want to know what others can do for US, that we rarely think about what WE can do.  Especially in relationships.  When is the last time, that instead of complaining about a situation..you took ownership and CHANGED it?  It is easy to play the victim.  People feel bad for you.  You get attention.  But it is HARD to own up to our weaknesses and make changes.  Successful people do not put fault on others, they power through regardless of the challenges.  They find a way.  They take ownership of what they need to work on and fix it.

What do YOU do to better your relationships, your health, your work, your family?  What do YOU bring to the table?

Stay blessed in the mess 🙂







Better than yesterday.

I have HAD it with this winter! It has taken all my will power to not hit the snooze and skip a workout or drown myself in carbs and Nutella.   We can push through it you guys, summer bodies are made in the WINTER!

Just when I was slipping into my seasonal affective disorder, the Crossfit Open started.  Thank goodness!  It kicked off this past Friday, such a fun time to be a crossfitter.  You get to compare your scores to the rest of the world, which causes some serious hype and good fun competition.  The BEST part of the open is honestly just cheering people on and watching other athletes destroy these workouts, doing more than they ever thought possible.  It is such an inspiring environment.  People even go to the gym when they are not working out to cheer on other classes.  It is just one big meathead party and it is awesome.


Last year I was completely humbled during the open,  every workout had a movement and a weight that I had not yet mastered.  While I didn’t even come close to comparing to other athletes, I was able to DO the workouts and that was so invigorating.   However, I would be lying if I told you I don’t watch other athletes and feel bad about myself sometimes… because they are stronger, faster etc.  Sure, I let those pity parties creep in a little bit but I know better than to stay in that dangerous place too long.  Thoughts go through my head like,  “I will never be that good.”  But that thought is SUCH a lie.  Am I that good right now?  NO.  But that doesn’t mean I cannot be.


If you were to tell me 10 years ago, when I was in high school Track/CC and not even fast enough to make varsity, what kind of pace I can run now…I would not believe you.   It took me over 14 years of running to figure out that I CAN be better than I am, that all it takes is a mental switch.  I will never make that mistake again.  I refuse to let another 10 years go by just assuming I cannot be a great athlete, and assuming that everybody is better than me.  I will no longer accept that.

Too often we get caught in this comparison game and it ruins us.   It’s easy to be the weak one, to applaud everyone else and wish you were like them.  It is uncomfortable to push yourself past your limits, to tap into your true potential and to work so hard it hurts.  Start having your own victories.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  I truly believe that the only difference between an elite athlete and a regular athlete is the mind, the determination and the discipline.  We all have it in us, many just don’t know it’s there.  But we have to start small.  We have to focus on our gains.  We don’t have to be better than everyone, we just have to continue to be better than yesterday.


Stay blessed in the MESS!