Arrreee youuuu reaaddddddddyyy??!  Okay sorry, been watching too many Chicago Bulls games lately.   So this is a post where I impress you with my amazing ability to come up with healthy recipes every week all on my own, because I am just so awesome like that.  Just kidding, I actually suck at coming up with my own recipes and following recipes for that matter.  You know those box cake recipes where all you have to add are eggs, oil and water?  One time in college, I somehow managed to mix up the oil and water measurements and low and behold my cake did not turn out so hot.  Yeah, I am that bad.  So when Shain and I first moved in together, I really wanted to become a better cook (go ahead feminists, shake your head at me I don’t care).   MAN, talk about trial and error.  I am still surprised he is with me after some of the horrid recipes I made him try.

So anyway, it took me quite some time to learn how to actually follow a recipe and maybe even deviate (gasp) from it a little without messing the whole thing up.  I am no expert, but I have gotten A LOT better.  So that being said, I come up with ZERO recipes on my own. zip.  Unless you count Greek yogurt with strawberries and granola a recipe, because I have eaten that everyday since I was 14.  Pretty sure that does not count as a recipe, though.

Picture 033

Since starting Crossfit I have experimented with a lot of Paleo recipes and become obsessed with the blog PaleOMG.  She has such awesome recipes and her blog is a riot to read.  I am not a 100% Paleo purist, but since adding more meat into my diet my energy levels have literally sky rocketed and I feel so much better in my workouts.  So I have stuck with it. This week I made:

  • Paleo Quiche
  • Taco Salad (Ground Turkey, black beans, mushrooms, green chiles- throw it together with some spinach)
  • Cuban Chile:  Tomato Soup, Cuban style black beans & an array of veggies

Some of my go to recipes:


I also get many recipes from Clean Eating Magazine, highly recommend subscribing to them.  They have a lot of good tips on things that are in season, how to get your family to eat clean,  what foods to avoid etc.

Because my weekdays are absolute insanity,  I do all my cooking on either Saturday or Sunday each week.  Then I break everything into serving size Tupperware and BAM I am good to go, no excuses.

To see a typical day of what I eat pre-workout, post-workout, snacks etc.  Check out my “Food” tab.  Happy Monday! 🙂




Tribute to CFO

How is it Friday already?  This week was insane, sorry for being a bad blogger.  Today I would like to tribute my post to Crossfit Oswego, also known as CFO.  Because CFO is so awesome, they have outgrown their gym and are moving to a bigger location across the street.  So today was our last official 530am workout in the original space where I fell in love with Crossfit.    Despite not having the full AM crew, it was a fun time.

Picture 035

Many people have lots of opinions about Crossfit and that’s okay.  But let me tell you why I LOVE it.  You see, being an athlete has not always been a natural thing for me.  It does not run in my family and I have certainly had to work very hard over the years just to keep up with others.  Funny thing is, no matter how bad I wanted to be on the varsity soccer squad or in the top 7 for cross country meets,  that was not why I  joined.  I joined sports because I loved being a part of something bigger than myself.  It never mattered who we were off the field or the track, all that ever mattered was that we were all there together for the same purpose, to be the best we can be.  I loved encouraging others and being encouraged.  I loved having others who would challenge me beyond what I thought were my limits but then a moment later could make me laugh so hard I’d pee my pants.

Picture 005

After College, I missed being a part of something like that so bad.  Sure, I started getting involved in marathons, triathlons, club soccer etc. but it wasn’t the same .  Crossfit had always intrigued me because I love to lift but had a hard time pushing myself when I did it on my own.  So when I heard there was a gym opening a mile from my house, I could not have been more excited.  I was in good shape, but I wanted to be better, stronger.  I will admit, I was a little scared.  I mean when I saw the kind of people that did Crossfit, they were usually pretty intense looking with full sleeve tattoos, bulging muscles and “I am better than you” attitudes.  Boy, I was wrong.  It is easy to judge something you know nothing about I guess.

The coaches and people at CFO are nothing short of amazing.  I still am so inspired at all the different walks of life that come in to that gym on a daily basis.  Sure, we have a lot of naturally talented athletes that are incredibly strong and fast.  But we also have a lot of normal people, people just trying to get moving and get healthy.  Even if it means they are the last to finish a workout.  At CFO, nobody cares what your time is, nobody cares how heavy you are lifting but everybody pushes you to be your best.   I love that while I might be awesome at a workout one day, I can be dead-last the next.  You just never know what you will get when you walk in that door, but you always know it will challenge you.  I have done things in that gym I never thought were possible.  Workouts that I looked at on the board and thought “you want me to do WHAT?”- but somehow, someway it gets done but not without the support of my fellow athletes.  I am finally a part of something again, a team.


My first day ever at CF was back in May and at that point I could not even do a single pull-up on my own.  While, I have the kipping pull-up down I am still working on getting those regular pullups, I can only do 7 in a row right now but my goal is 15 by the end of the year.  But since starting I have become stronger, faster and overall more confident than I have ever felt before.  But like I said, it’s not about that.  I have gained a sense of community I had missed so dearly and for that CFO, I thank you 🙂




Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you all had a great weekend.

So, I have a confession to share.  Friday night after work I decided to wait for it…wait for it….go the the MALL.  I know what you are thinking.  Shame on you, Jill.  Have you learned nothing in your year of no shopping?  Aside from a few random purchases a few weeks ago from some gift cards I saved up, this was my first real shopping experience in over a  year.  I would be lying if I told you I was not excited.  I also made a pact to myself this year to NOT BUY CRAP.  An 8 dollar shirt from TJmaxx might sound like a good idea until it falls apart a week later and there goes 8 dollars down the drain.  So I walked my butt straight into the Banana Republic (outlet, duh) and bought 3 new nice dresses for work.   Dresses are the easiest thing ever.  You don’t have to think about them, you just throw em on and BAM, people think you are so put together.  Joke is on them.  Well, sometimes.

So as I was driving home all excited about my  3 new quality items, the good feeling started wearing off and the guilt set in.  I should not have bought those.  I did not need them. But I deserve it! But do you really? You have a wedding to save for!  What is wrong with you!?  You know how it goes.  Truth is buying yourself a few nice things really can lighten your mood, make you feel good to go into work, make you feel confident.  It is when we start playing with the territory of doing this too often.   So instead of returning them, I went home and started purging yet more clothes to make up for it.  Keep in mind people, not only did I not buy ANY clothes last year but I also got rid of a TON. Ten garbage bags worth to be exact.  Yet, my closet still looked like this:

Picture 024

Confession:  This is only one of my closets.  Pathetic.

Also, this is the amount of hangers I got rid of over the year:

Picture 030

So I got home and to make myself feel better about my new purchases, decided I would get rid of another bag full of clothes.  And that is what I did.  Man does it feel good to get rid of stuff, so cleansing!  I feel better.  Get rid of your stuff people!  It’s better than therapy!

Picture 026

Saturday morning, my pup and I met the run group for a nice 10 miler along the river.  Was great weather for it! And of course what good is a long run if you can’t have a breakfast treat afterwards?  Blueberry crumble and coffee from the village grind, YUM!

Picture 027

          Picture 006

Of course this weekend also included our cook-up..   Meals for the week:  Seasoned Tilapia with veggies and Risotto ( all I did was throw all this in the crock pot), Zucchini Pizza Casserole (got this idea from pinterest) and Herb Spinach Chicken burgers (PaleOMG).  Super Easy recipes!   Pinterst and PaleOMG are my saving grace, I take no credit at all.  Will have a special recipe palooza post this week, stay tuned!

Monday in honor of MLK, I had the day off work.  Thank you Dr. King, you rock.  So I got a double workout in and then my good friend Jess came over to “help me get excited about wedding stuff”, what a pal.  So in return for her help, I made some yummy food 🙂

Picture 034

Paleo Muffins (Courtesy of CinderellaPaleo Catering), fruit salad and bacon wrapped eggs (Pinterest)!

I get by with a little help.

Picture 023

Where is my post-run sunrise?! COME BACK!

Man, this week was hairy.  Had a pretty intense project due  that I was really having a hard time getting together for many different reasons.  On top of that, it was one of those weeks where there were “fires” to be put out constantly.  You know how it is, you are at work all day but 3pm hits and you have yet to check a single email?  This little time sensitive project on top of it was making matters a little more stressful.   But a few late nights and some early mornings and it all got done just under the wire.  So in the end, it all worked out and I didn’t lose any hair, I don’t think.

Do you ever feel sometimes like you just can’t deal?  I know I do.  I am guilty of putting too much on my plate, and there were several moments this week where I thought to myself “I can’t do this, it’s too much.”  But then you know what happened?  People happened.  A colleague offering a helping hand that literally saved me from a meltdown, a random phone call from an old friend that completely lightened my mood, a client who thanked me for changing their life.  God is funny like that.  He tells you to take on these things and you think to yourself, do you have the right person?  Are you sure you are not confusing me with somebody else?  When really he has a plan all along,  you just have to accept the help he gives you.

None of us are in this world alone, even if at times you might feel that way.  Open your mind and your heart to those around you who want to help.  That is why we build relationships, to support one another, to love one another & to lift  each other up because we really cannot do it all alone (not without having a breakdown anyway).  THAT is what makes the world go round.   Don’t feel bad for accepting help either, because there WILL be a time when someone needs YOU.

This weekend is my last official weekend before I really have no life and start back at my second semester of grad school classes, so lord knows I am going to soak it in!  I will be getting a nice long run in with some good friends on Saturday, getting some fun family time in and of course snuggling with these two good lookin’ fellas 🙂

Picture 022

Stay Blessed in the MESS 😉

It’s simple. Do what you love.


AU in the fall, beautiful

Do you get anxiety on Sunday nights, knowing you are spending another week at a job you don’t like?  Are you emotionally exhausted by the end of the day?  Does your job stress you out to the point where you are constantly sick or in a bad mood?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have a question for you.  WHY?! Life is so precious, friends.  Too precious to waste 40 plus hours a week doing something that does not make you happy.  Don’t tell me jobs are scarce and the economy is tough.  Don’t tell me you are stuck. There will always be excuses. Take charge of your life.  Take ownership.  You, my friend have a god given talent and somebody out there is looking for it.  Every single one of us has a purpose. You were put on this earth randomly, even though it may feel like it sometimes.  Most likely, your purpose and your talents are directly correlated with what you are passionate about.  Think of the things you love doing, that you look forward too. Think of the things you loved to do as a kid that made you unique.  Go do those things. Maybe stepping out of where you are is not that easy for you.  Maybe it will take sacrifice.  You are right, maybe it will.  But I promise you that sacrifice is worth it.  Let me tell you about my good friend, Suz.


Suz is one of my best friends from college and anybody that knows her, loves her.  She is literally a ray of sunshine and the most caring person I have ever met.  She is the kind of person you meet at a party for the first time and she sends you a card on your birthday for no reason other than she wanted to.  I’m serious people, this girl is gold.  Anyway, Suz was an accounting major in college and she landed an amazing job right after graduation at an accounting firm.  Things were going just as planned, she got a new apartment close to her work and she could not have been more excited.  Well, a few months went by and she realized she was not happy in this career.  So, despite everything she worked for and how “perfect” everything seemed, she pumped the brakes.   She moved back home and went back to school for Nursing.  So for 4 years, while everyone else was moving up in their careers and living on their own, she was starting over.  She could have listened to people thinking she was crazy for leaving a good  job right when the recession hit.  She could have just dealt with it.  But she didn’t. THAT is courage.  THAT is taking control of your life.  It was a hard four years for her,  but it was all worth it in the end.  Fast forward to this past weekend, I was talking to her on the phone about her first official week as a Nurse in her new job.  I could have cried just listening to the happiness in her voice.  Okay, fine I cried stop judging me.  If you knew what this girl went through to get to the place she is now, you would have cried too.


YOU were put here for a reason.  I am 100% sure of it.  Maybe your purpose is to start off people’s day by making them coffee at Starbucks, maybe it is to mold the minds of children, or fix cars, or to be a full time mom.  It does not have to be groundbreaking.  You have no idea the ripple effect that will take place by simply doing what you love.  Who cares if it doesn’t make you a lot of money.  Who cares if it wasn’t what your degree was in. Who cares what other people will think.  Go make a plan and make it happen.  Maybe where you are right now isn’t where you want to be, but it is a necessary stepping stone for where you want to be, that is great.  We all have to pay our dues, but we do not have to be stuck.

Maybe you really do like your job, but you are just in a rut lately.  Remember the things that made you excited about it in the beginning.  Go back to that place.

On average, between my two jobs I work about 60 plus hours a week.  But no joke, it feels like 20.  Are there days when I am tired and maybe not as excited about going into work?  Of course! But my career exhausts me in a way that is empowering.  I know I am doing my part in this world.  I work with an amazing staff (see above)  that are as passionate about helping students as I am.  When I leave the office, I get to spend my weekends and evenings with some seriously inspiring and fun clients.  All of the hobbies I get to participate in between those hours are just frosting on the cake.

Go find your passion, go find what you love and DO THAT.  I promise, you will not regret it.

Stay blessed in the mess 🙂


Happy Monday

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you all had as fabulous as a weekend as I did.  Why was my weekend fabulous?  Well, mostly because I did not have to RUSH around anywhere.  You know what I am talking about, those weekends where you have so much going on and then you end up being exhausted by Sunday night?  That is pretty much most weekends for me, but every once in a while I have a weekend with no set plans and it’s awesome.  I literally did not do my hair, put on makeup and wore workout clothes all weekend. Bliss.

Friday night Shain and I stayed in and ordered pizza from this new spot in town and it was yummmmy.  We love to support our local small business and Firehouse Pizza will for sure be on our Friday night menu again in the future.


Saturday I went to an 8am class at Crossfit Oswego and then a group of us headed to Crossfit Plainfield to celebrate their grand opening with a team WOD.  It was SO fun.  The workout was “Murph” which is a warrior WOD.  A warrior workout in Crossfit is typically long and grueling which is our way of paying respects to a fallen soldier.  “Murph” is a 1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats &  another 1 mile run.  What, that doesn’t sound fun to you? That’s okay, this means you are normal.  The good news is we did this in partners, so we each did 1/2.  Probably a good thing, because my body already hurts today so I cannot imagine what I would feel like if I had to do the whole thing!  It was such a fun atmosphere, crossfit gyms from all around the area came to support and join in the “fun”.

Picture 017                     cfo

OH and I almost forgot the best part, the PALEO TREATS.  There were these amazing paleo cupcakes that I DEVOURED.  I actually had one before the workout because they were staring me down saying EAT ME I AM AWESOME.  Cupcakes don’t lie.  The treats were made by Cindy and Bernie  who are CFO members that run a Paleo catering business.  They literally make meals for people every week.  If you are in the Aurora/Oswego area, check them out on facebook: Cinderellapaleo Catering

Picture 016

I did have to head into the office to work a project, but somehow that did not feel as bad since it was Saturday and I was not required to look nice 🙂

Later that night, I did my big grocery shop and cook-up for the week.  I love blasting music, drinking wine and cooking up my food.  It was a bonus that my good friend Michelle came over while I was doing this, so I had good company!  On the menu this week is meatza, seasoned chicken with kale & potatoes, rutabaga hash-browns & pistachio encrusted salmon.  YUM. The goal is to make sure Shain doesn’t eat everything before Tuesday (yes this has happened, especially with meatza).


Picture 014

Picture 020                      

Sunday I had a full day of awesome clients and then Shain and I literally laid around the house. I was able to get some reading in and write a few blog posts for this week, yay!  I feel energized and ready to have productive week!

First comes love…

then comes marriage.  But see, what those jerks don’t tell you is about this awful process in between called WEDDING PLANNING.  Warningthis post will probably not be inspiring, but thank you in advance for listening to me vent.  You are the best 🙂

Picture 015

No, I have not day dreamed about my wedding since I was 5.  I hate dressing up, hate public displays of affection and I tend to get very uncomfortable with too much attention.  In fact, I have had more nightmares about my wedding than any other subject matter.  I actually had a dream once where people were dragging me down the aisle  like some convict.  I know, I have issues.  Just was very scared of it for quite some time.  It  took almost 8 years with the same guy to realize that  it really is what I want.  So fast forward, here I am with this shiny thing on my finger and taking the plunge AND OH MY GOD do you know how much weddings cost for a girl with an outrageously large Italian family??  Enough to pay off all my student loans and feed a small country turns out.  I feel like the wedding industry people are a bunch of criminals, seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY excited to be married and be surrounded by friends and family and have a fun celebration.  But you see, I am lame.  I don’t really like to drink a lot, have a hard time staying up past 9pm and my idea of a good time is one glass of cheap wine, a good book and a good sunrise workout the next day.  See?  Told you, lame-sauce.  So, I have never really envisioned myself throwing this big bash for a wedding.  A low key backyard BBQ is more my style.  BUT, I also want to do something nice so that I do not break my mother’s heart (it’s not my fault you raised a tomboy, Mom).   So, somehow I  need to find a balance between those two and it would be a bonus if it did not cost a million dollars. Barf.


There is a place in Oswego we are looking at next week that is like an old restored barn and so cool.   Even though their prices are way more than we want to pay, I am hoping we can charm them into working with us.  I mean come on I LOVE OSWEGO,  so much.   Shouldn’t  there be a discount for that?   We live here, work here and consider ourselves a pretty good asset to the community.  PLEASE GIVE US A DEAL.

So for the next few days I am going to take my own advice and manifest that this venue will magically lower their cost because Shain and I are so stinking awesome and they want to help fellow Oswegoans out.    If it doesn’t, then it was not meant to be and something else will come a long that is even better.  Fingers crossed.

Happy Friday, stay blessed in the mess!

What’s your intention?


During my Bikram Yoga class yesterday I had my all time favorite  instructor.  At the beginning of class, he talked to us about a different way of approaching resolutions for the new year.  He said that instead of making resolutions, you should set intentions.  In yoga, this is a common practice to get your mind ready for what is to come in class and also a way to make sure you get the full benefit of each posture.  At the end of class, you are to also set your intention for your day.  For example, “I intend to have safe travels today” or “I intend to have a productive day”.  Setting your mind up is the first step in successful goal setting.

I am very much a believer in positive thinking and manifesting your best life, I have Shain to thank for that.  I have always been a generally positive and happy person, but I often fell into the trap of  ‘that’s not possible”,  or “I wish I could do that”.  During my senior year of college, I was having a bit of a rough go at life.    Seeing the route I was going down, Shain forced me to watch this documentary that was based on the book, The Secret.  Some of you may have heard of it.  Well, that documentary and book changed my life.  The idea of it is that your thoughts manifest your reality.  For example,  if you constantly complain as to how broke you are, you will never have money.  If you constantly look at yourself in the mirror and hate your body, you will never love it.  Not buying it?  Well, I didn’t either at first.  I mean, come on life is not that easy, you can’t just manifest whatever you want.  If that were the case I would live off sour patch kids & Nutella and have six pack abs…oh and a million dollars too.  Okay maybe that’s not what I REALLY want.  Have you ever had en entire family size bag of SPK’s in one sitting?  Does not feel good, right?  Oh, you’ve never done that?  Yea, me neither.spks


Anyway, so I put this theory into practice.  I started simple by visualizing how I wanted my day to go, then I started visualizing more before my soccer games for how I wanted to be able to play,  did the same for my exams, etc.  By golly, IT WORKED!  So many things just….kept…happening.  I cannot even explain it, it was like my wants started literally appearing out of thin air.  I was busting out moves and making plays on the field I never thought I could ever even do.  I was Acing my exams. I was getting job offers.   So, then a really creepy thing happened.  When I first read through The Secret, I went home and pondered the big things I really wanted to happen within the next year and wrote them down in my journal.  Then a year later I went and looked back through them and they ALL HAPPENED.  BOOM, just like that.  I wanted a 2005 Chevy Colorado within my budget (which mind you, almost every car dealer told me was impossible).  I wanted to land a position as an Admission Counselor.  I wanted to be financially stable.  I wanted to be able to let go of my past and be happy.  I had no idea how I was going to attain these things exactly because at the time, they did not seem possible.


I am TELLING you, this works.  Think really hard about what YOU want.  Not what your neighbor wants, not what your mother wants, no not even what society tells you that you should want.  What do YOU want?  Money is no object.  Time is no object. Location is no object.  Heck, common sense is no object either.  Write it down and believe in it.  Does NOT matter how impossible it may sound.  Pretend you already have it.  Start throwing it out into the Universe and somehow, someway it will come to be.    It could be as simple as losing 5lbs or as complex as beating cancer.  Does not matter.   What do you have to lose?

blog quote





Surround yourself.


For those of us who work at schools, today is official “back to normal day”.  For us at AU, that means being swamped with student phone calls, campus visits and not being able to find a good parking spot.  Gotta love the business of a college campus, wouldn’t change it for anything.  No, not even a good parking spot.  This week also kicks off insanity for me as I have a full training schedule at the studio and weekend grad school classes begin, YEESH!  So, I tried to take as much time this weekend to get organized and get geared up for the next few months.

Since I came down with some version of the flu last week, this weekend I also had my first couple  workouts back after a few days off.  I think I may have overdone it, because now my body feels like a big pile-O- jello.  But it’s all good because jello= hard muscles.  What, you didn’t learn that in 5th grade science? Weak.  Anywho, it is in the winter months that I truly recognize the importance of having friends to exercise with.   I have an amazing group of people that I run with 2-3 days a week in the early mornings and if it were not for them (and my dog) I certainly would hit the snooze button more often.  The funny thing is, I LOVE the mornings, like so much.  Seeing a sunrise literally makes my day, I feel like it is God’s way of saying “Good Morning Jill, go seize the day!”.  However, the winter months are a bit of a struggle for me so I really depend on my fitness buddies to keep me on track.


Oswego Sunrise

On Sunday for example I had made plans to run maybe an easy 6 miles.  So I got up to meet my friends Jess and Justin and turns out they wanted to do 10 miles.  Blast.  Of course I couldn’t be a wimp and say “but, I only wanted to do 6!”.  So 10 miles  we did.  See?  Make friends that want to work out, run, lift, do yoga, etc. and it makes accountability SO much easier.  On the days I am not running at 530am I am spending that time with my amazing Crossfit family and MAN are they an awesome group.  We are all suckers for pain and have a blast, even during the most ridiculous workouts.   This morning was a CF member’s 50th Birthday, so in her honor we did 50 reps each of box jumps, pullups, KB swings, KTES, push-press, supermans, burpees & double unders.  Do you think I would ever in my right mind do that by myself?  H*LL NO.  Happy 50th Birthday SUE!

My point is, I love to workout.  It brings me so much joy, so much new friendship and the empowerment that I can do anything.  But, even I struggle in the cold & dark months.  So my biggest advice to you is find a buddy, a group, a class, doesn’t matter what.  Just surround yourself with people going after the same goal.  Not to just avoid becoming a fatty in the winter, but the lifelong goal to be healthy, active and ALIVE 🙂

running group

My awesome running group at the Great Western 1/2 Marathon last year

“New Years Resolutioners”


As a Personal Trainer, this is one of my favorite times of year.  A time for one of my absolute FAVORITE things: Goal setting.  I also love it, because I am bombarded by new clients.  So obviously for business that is good, but more importantly I love love LOVE seeing people take charge of their health and make the choice to join a gym, start eating healthier etc.  It is so inspiring to me.

Now, that being said there is a LOT of gripe from my fellow fitness freaks about all the “New Year Resolutioners” hogging up the gym.  I get it, you have been busting your butt in that gym, or spin class, yoga class, whatever it is- all year.  And now there is somebody in your spot or messing up your routine. They don’t know the rules and are using the squat rack to do bicep curls or talking during savasana in yoga.  Again, I GET it, I would be lying to you if I told you I was not sometimes annoyed by these things too.  BUT before you start giving them dirty looks and wishing they would just give up already and go back to their couch and eat cheetos, remember where YOU came from.


Perhaps most of you reading this have been into working out for a long time or are even athletes, so you will say to me “Jill, I have always worked out so this has never been new to me”.  Well, excuse me but I call BULL.  I am pretty sure no human ever shot out of the womb and immediatley starting doing bicep curls or running 5 miles.  And if you did, please call me because I would like to meet you.  Every single one of us had to start SOMEWHERE.  Even if that somewhere was your very first football practice at age 7.   You are NOT above anybody that walks into a gym on January 1st.

Still having a hard time with it?  Fair enough, tell me a time where you were trying something new -does not have to be fitness related.  Your first day on a new job, first day of high school, first time traveling internationally, anytime where you were completley out of your comfort zone. Think back to that kid in your class who invited you to sit with him/her at lunch, the person who finally spoke english to you because they could sense you had no idea what was going on, the new co-worker who smiled at you to make you feel more welcome.  Think of how much relief that person brought you just by that simple act.   THAT is the person I am charging you to be to all these newbies.  Be the person that makes a difference, just by smiling at them, befriending them, encouraging them.  We want to encourage our society to be healthier, not discourage it so that we can have the treadmill to ourselves and then complain how unhealthy everybody else is.  Because of your simple smile or encouragement, they just might change their life.  That, my friends, is a good way to start a new year.